If Our Dreams Were Realities

BY: Dan Phale*

The way things happen most of the times does not reflect what we actually might have wanted and envisaged them to be. So we happen to be the victims of the situations which we did not anticipate. It could be issues of healthcare services, economic activities, justice delivery system, the working relationship among employees or with those in command, and many more issues… Well, this article seeks to address such matters that are psychosocially and socioeconomically linked to the status quo in which case life becomes very much unbearable for the plebeians as compared to the rich and high class people.

Most of us are living in a world where the majority of the plebeians would have no reason to talk about anything good in the healthcare services sector. Why…(?!) The fewest of the service providers have ever been human, considerate as well as dedicated to their work. In fact if our imaginations were realities, plebeians would have robust and result oriented services from the duty bearers… There should have never been thieves – in the identity of the administrators or doctors or nurses or pharmacists – working in the public health facilities. Well, only if the imaginations were realities, quite many jurisdictions should have the strictest laws and regulations that would be very instrumental in curbing the pilfering of medical drugs or the equipment, and flouting of the procurement procedures of the same.

From time immemorial, laws in justice adminstration system have been applied immaturely and selectively. Most of the players have been corrupt, partisan and unprofessional. The bottom line is that fundamental human rights are taken for granted hence little or no attention is given by the players and the ones who suffer most are the plebeians. But when things get worse from bad, lawlessness becomes part of life, the plebeians get tired of social injustice to the effect that they may react in such a way that has a potential to trigger anarchy both at the national and at international levels. It is indisputable that the earth would be a paradise for every single person if there were no corruption, greed, nepotism, regionalism, and tribalism in the justice delivery system. It is very rare for a rich offender to be declared guilty by the court of law as would be if the offender was an ordinary person.

Likewise, in the economic sphere, surely everybody would be okay if there was an equity in wealth distribution. I mean, why should very few people be inconsiderate about the welfare of others on issues of finances? In fact it is very absurd for the high class people only to be financially okay when others are struggling to make ends meet. Ironically, the plebeians are the ones who largely contribute towards the economic of a territory and even the entire world through agriculture, art and craft, mining, and many more activities. In all fairness, any surplus wealth ought to be shared evenly to the plebeians in cash or in kind. But what happens often is that those who are already rich want more for themselves, and in the process they corruptly and fraudulently deprive the poor masses of the little they have, a tendency which is like milking thin cows. And gradually the welfare of plebeians deteriorate as they remain poorer and poorer while those on positions become richer and richer.

Well, in all the situations, as outlined in this article, I have a feeling that if there was no corruption, discrimination, greed, jealousy and selfishness, everybody on this planet would be happy. In fact we have ever known that if our dreams were realities, we would not have courts or tribunals because there would be peace, love and harmony among people all over the world. And we continue to dream that time shall actually come when all the social irregularities and/or atrocities will be over.


Stop Barbarism Against People With Albinism

BY: Dan Phale*

Statistics and reports indicate that barbaric attacks on people with albinism have caused trauma to many people. In the worst circumstances innocent people have so far been murdered. And it is very disturbing to take notice of the fact that, no matter the numerous efforts applied by a number of concerned people, this bizarre trend continues to exist in many parts of the world… Suffice to mention herein that the so-called magicians or sorcerers in the disguised identity of the fortune-tellers are the key and principal procurers and/or perpetrators of the misleading dangerous myth that human body parts or organs have the potential to bring fortune in somebody’s life.

We need not be reminded it is trite law that by nature we are all equal; hence all the times we should treat one another as equal human beings. As a matter of fact when the God created us He created us in His own image. In this reasoning we understand that all people with albinism are equally human beings just like any other person. It is only by virtue of some genetic problem that the condition of albinism may occur even to everybody’s family. I mean – why should very few and selfish individuals insinuate that body organs of people with albinism are a source of fortune…(?!)

Researchers have always said that albinism occurs because people are born with inherited genes that do not produce sufficient amounts of a pigment called melanin which gives colour to the eyes, hair, and the skin… So far, I have consulted my best meaning friend – I mean the sweetest friendJill, who is a nurse by profession in England; and she told me that albinos are light sensitive, and are generally blind. She has further stated that albinos are prone to skin cancer… Then why should some heartless and selfish individuals insinuate that organs taken from bodies of the albinos are a source of fortune in somebody’s activities?

Well, let us do something in a bid to protect our brothers and sisters with albinism from abuses, violences and killings. As already alluded to above, they are like any other person on earth, and therefore must be accorded all the fundamental rights and freedoms. They also need to love and to be loved… In fact, if somebody wants to become rich or to excel in any of the activities he or she does in life, the best thing to do is to work hard with all the fiscal prudence. Otherwise, in all reality this nonsensical myth is quite discriminatory and very dangerous, and by any means, must be stopped forthwith.

Now, how to curb the attacks on the albinos is the next issue. Well in my very well considered view, all the people who claim to be the fortune-tellers should be eliminated from our societies… By this I mean there should be the strictest laws aimed at criminalising any publicity or an advertisement made by a person to be a fortune-teller. Furthermore, all the merciless attackers should face the mandatory death sentence. Let us rise up and intensify our efforts to help stop the attacks which are rampant against the albinos. It should not be later; rather it is now or never.

Unblock Me…(!)

BY: Dan Phale*

About four decades ago, my life account was opened in the heavenly kingdom at the time when God created me out of His own will. And as per His holy plan, I was destined to get in abundance, everything in life… such as delicious food, very nice clothes, and a descent shelter. In other words, my book balance was sufficient to take me to yonder times if nothing went wrong in my existence on earth.

Having been born from the then husband and wife, Joseph and Beatrice, ignorance distracted me from knowing what future life would be like. As a child, just like all other four children in our family, I was well taken care of. At least I ate three meals every day: breakfast before going to school, lunch after coming back from school, and supper in the evening… Well, those were the old good days when the cost of living was not high as compared to the earning capacity.

In terms of education, I had an excellent performance both in primary school and secondary school to the extent that my expectations were high that I would even proceed to the university. I still recall pretty well that my teachers used to call me as one of the college materials. What a complement. Suffice to mention herein that I lacked adequate finances for post secondary studies. That was probably the main source of the dark age of my life, and in the course of time – Lucifer – the once disobedient angel of the Lord, who is also well known as the leader in the revolt against the holy heavenly kingdom abducted me out of the custody of my creator.

Soon after graduating from secondary school I became a heavy and habitual drunkard. There and then my life became full of troubles as I was entangled in the devil’s nest. More often than not things did not work out in accordance with my plans… In a nutshell, Lucifer hacked my life account; and my efforts to untangle myself from him proved futile. Actually, the more I attempted the more Lucifer enslaved me, and finally he blocked my life account so that I could not succeed in wrestling with him. Let me add herein that when the devil hacks and blocks a person’s life account, such person then becomes an idiot devoid of wisdom, so that an advice which is given goes in one ear and out the other; and to this effect he or she happens to be very a worthless slave of life. He or she is mistreated And consequently, he or she suffers the most of all. I have, actually, seen it with my ears, so to speak.

However, in the recent past, I realized that although I was struggling to recover my account from the devil, I needed the power of my creator… I, thus, abandoned beer drinking habit very which happened to be pleasing the devil, and I returned to sobriety. I, simultaneously, ordered the devil to unlock me; I said: “To you, Lucifer, I shout in the name of Jesus Christ to ‘Unblock me…’ because I don’t belong to you, and my life account was opened free of charge by my Almighty God who created me.”

Frankly speaking, at the moment I am back on track. The index of my economic growth and development shows that I am improving; the smile is back on my face as by and large I am able to retain good reputation as befits a morally upright person; and it is my wholesome faith that my God will be on my side all the times. And from now henceforth, whenever my way is blocked by the evil spirits, I will be swift enough to order such evil spirits to unblock me.

A Stitch In Time Serves Nine

BY: Dan Phale*

Not all of us remember what happened in the past; and probably in future will not remember what happens between now and then. In the same way, in most cases we tend to complain about an outburst of challenges and/or problems which wreck havoc in our day-to-day life. Unbearable situations do emanate from our own omission to do the needful in a range of issues which affect our lives such as behaviour and culture, economy, education, health services, etcetera. But, just like the lost traveler who has no campus in the desert becomes clueless, we seldom realize what actually brings about such challenges and/or problems that inhibit us from getting on well with our lives.

If we critically look at what we are facing today, we shall find out that what happened in the past has a great bearing on today’s life. For instance, within one family or home, children may not be in good terms with each other. And try to analyze how they were brought up, you will be tempted to form an opinion that they were moulded by their parents or guardians into their present personality and status by which they are known, as characterised by their likes or dislikes, hobbies, and their behavioural pattern.

The economic growth and development for all of us, be it at the household level or at the community level, also depends on the past happenings and/or trends. In this regard what a person, whether alone or in a group, did for a living, and how he or she managed whatever he or she got on daily basis has an influence in today’s social and economic graph or status of every entire community which comes into question. We also know that bribery or corrupt practices, greed or selfishness, have very negative impacts on our livelihood.

As per the aforementioned issues, we are destined to get to our future status which strictly is linked to what we do in the present day. It is, therefore, requisite that we should be greatly cautious as we manage our lives. Being extravagant takes us to the road which leads towards the chains of poverty and miserable life. Permitting the spirit of discontentment, greed and envy to exist in our midst will take us to such burdens that are caused by oppression and repression. Allowing any hooligan to exist in our society is more than sowing seeds of terrorism in our own backyard.

So, the question is: what do we have to do to evade such difficult situations? Well; it is very simple. Being proactive is by far better than being reactive. Our elders do say that a stick is straightened while it is still young. We have to fix the root cause before the actual consequences arise… When we find eggs of a snake we should break them up immediately before they hatch into little dangerous reptiles which after growing up, will harm and kill us or will harm and kill the next generation of mankind. As I have always said in other articles, charity begins at home, which is why I advocate that it must start from a family which – in my view – is the domestic school unit for teaching and/or learning advantages and values of the best human conduct.

As clearly hinted above, more often than not, we face adverse situations because of our own default to address pertinent issues at the right time… Well, in line with a motion put forward by the headline of this article, a stitch in time serves nine, let us fix an issue before it haunts us. At least we should be custodians as well as the stewards of our own destiny. The past is there for us to learn, and the present is here for us to manage, while the future is there for us to plan. It is not then but now, or never.

Wisdom Is Imperative

BY: Dan Phale*

Do we take our time to consider the fact that life has its dynamics? In the same vein, has it ever occurred in our minds that our future life is likely going to be negatively different from our current status if we are not sufficiently wise? Do we remind ourselves that there is no any graph which rises up beyond the horizon? Or, Should we say that we are too blind to realize that the endowments which were once given freely by the Creator of universe are diminishing in quantity and quality?

A story which has been so far told to us by the old wise folks about a fish and a crab is recipe for a very much important lesson here and now… Briefly the story says that a Fish and a Crab once lived in the same water source, say like a well. The wise and visionary Crab foresaw the likelihood of water drying up in summer season, a situation that would make life difficult. He therefore dug into the wall of the water source in readiness of the inevitable dry season. On the other hand, the Fish did nothing. So it happened that when the dry season approached, the Crab migrated into the hole which he had dug, whereas the Fish had nowhere to go to… While the Crab lived comfortably in the hole which was always supplied with percolating water, the Fish suffered and succumbed to the scorching sunlight.

Well, we may be rich people today – or we may have rich parents and/or guardians – almost lacking nothing in our homes. But we should realize the fact that there will be a day when all things that are at our disposal shall be gone, and gone for ever. What shall we do in order for us to earn a living? Lest we forget, in life there are uncertainties that can probably pull us down from our status quo… Suppose that robbers stormed into our dwelling compound, or our business place, and ransacked everything, would we be able to sustain our livelihood? Let us also assume that we’re involved in a serious accident – or natural disasters – and we are thus rendered physically challenged, would we be able to live on without much socioeconomic troubles?

It is – in my well considered view – wise that all of us should take an active role in controlling human population at all levels. At the same time, we have a duty to take care of the natural resources which include air, land, vegetation, and water. Simultaneously, we should be very prudent in the manner we use what we have today, otherwise extravagant and impulsive expenditure is a recipe for a decline of our economic development and growth.

Let us be wise and visionary as the Crab is. Otherwise, we shall undoubtedly be as stranded as the Fish. In fact, wisdom is imperative and important… Whether we are business people, or we are employed by others, or we depend upon social cash transfers provided by well-wishers, a day shall obviously come when volumes of all resources which are readily available today, will diminish. There is no graph which rises up beyond the horizon. Gravity is the rule.

The Grand Prize Of Sinful Life Is Death

BY: Dan Phale*

From what we often hear, coupled with what we see, most of people prefer soft life to hard life; and at times this wish leads them to making decisions that are against the will of God. In this regard, many people are tempted to go against the order of humanity as is expected by the heavenly Father, as such their life is characterized by sinful acts. And in this article I’ve picked one of the numerous sinful acts commonly committed by quite a number of people across the world – as our focus – and this is stealing. Of course it is needful, before we actually get into details of this article, to make ourselves familiar with what stealing implies.

In clear and concise terms, theft refers to the taking possession of somebody’s property against his or her will… At law, this occurs when a person, intending to bring about a permanent deprivation, without a claim of right and fraudulently, takes or converts to his or her own use any other person’s property. At times an act of stealing is accompanied by some violence, a situation in which owners of properties are subjected to grievous injuries or in the worst instances, death… And the fact that whenever a person is deprived of his or her property his or her economic growth gets inhibited cannot be overemphasized. As already observed above, this is against the law. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, particularly under Article 17(2) No one should be arbitrarily deprived of his or her property.

Having said that, we have to quickly admit the fact that the victims of robbery and/or theft get not only confused and worried, but they also become angry. And in the worst circumstances, they resort to administer vigilante justice whereby the perpetrators are grievously assaulted or even killed. Suffice to mention herein that two wrongs don’t make a right thing. But what can they do when the innocent people become fed up? Perhaps this is one of the most difficult questions. As a matter fact those who are entrusted with a duty to protect people’s lives and/or property must tirelessly work in order to preserve confidence and trust among the people they serve.

Well, I reasonably believe that it is not by mistake that Yahweh bestowed this planet with such natural resources that every prudent and hardworking person can maximally use in order to enhance his or her life status. The old wise folks in Africa say that Digging is weariness, but eating is sweet… I mean, it is quite important for all and sundry to realize the immense pleasure one gets at the end of working; otherwise it is inhuman and wicked for somebody to reap where he or she did not sow… Well, even the scriptures are very clear on issues of acquisition of properties in a diabolical way. In accordance with Proverbs 21: 6, as per the impeccable wisdom of Solomon, then king of Israel, the riches a person gets by dishonesty soon disappear, but not before they lead him or her into the jaws of death. Simply put, wickedness is the road which leads to death.

Irrefutable Facts, Rarely Spoken By Those In Command

BY: Dan Phale*

It appears that the social structure which exists generally across the world particularly in various work institutions and/or decision making entities has the potential to create discriminatory lines between those in command and their average staff plus those at the extreme receiving end. In this article the phrase Those In Command includes the top dogs in various work institutions, eg the supervisors; those with positions in the society, or the so-called honourable figures.

Let us begin with supervisors… For the purpose of common understanding we have to refer to the dictionary… In this regard ‘to supervise‘ is synonymous with ‘to direct‘ or ‘to guide‘ which implies, in fact, that a supervisor is not actually the lone actor in the mainstream operations. He or she is often supported by his or her junior staff members. In the same vein, it is an irrefutable fact that subordinates are the ones who play a bigger role than their supervisors.

Surprisingly, most of the times, we hear supervisors praising themselves for an achievement which, without their junior staff, would not have been possible at all. At the end of particular work their tongues rarely make use of the pronoun we when giving a progress report. In this way supervisors portray themselves as single-handed heroes… Apparently, the head would fail to anchor itself up if it did not rest over the neck. In accordance with 1 Corinthians 12: 20, there are many parts but one body… Surely, they need to understand that everybody is equally important, whether a supervisor or the average staff.

The other fact which is irrefutable but is rarely or never mentioned by those in command is that no person is holier than another. More often than not when there is a problem, a supervisor is too quick to accuse his or her subbordinates of some professional mistakes, and it is actually baffling to realise that the accusation is phrased in such a way that reflects the holier-than-thou syndrome. But ironically it is very rare for a leader to come in open and accept his or her mistakes. And one wonders if leaders are such angelic that they don’t make mistakes…! For the sake of our integrity as mankind, let us not pretend to forget that they only feign to be gods with small g’s.

As a matter of truth, supervisors are the ones who, more often than not, commit more serious wrongs than those at the base of the file and ranking. This comes about in the spirit of abuse of power as they feel like they are on the tiptop of the world.

This article would be incomplete if we left out the questionable conduct shown by some selfish people who are in the justice administration system in various corners of the world. As a matter of legal requirement, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides that everybody is equal before the law. Furthermore it entrenches the right for victims of human rights violation to have unconditional access to tribunals and courts of justice for legal redress; however this is not the reality on the ground, as most of the low class and less privileged are vulnerable to various forms of social injustice.

It is very sad to take notice of the fact that when the so-called high-class men and women are on the wrong side of the law, their titles play a very influential role in evading justice. Sarcastically, poor people are the ones who are mostly deemed to be wrong even when they are innocent.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that all irrefutable facts cannot be suppressed willy-nilly as the truth has the potential to withstand any attempt to overshadow it with lies. I also believe that it is our noble duty, both as individuals and in groups, to bring social sanity in all our communities.