Collection Of Rainwater For Future Use

BY: Dan Phale *

Natural disasters like drought, erratic rains, and floods are commonly known to be results of climate change… With such unreliable rains, the agricultural yields have been getting lower and lower. It is therefore requisite that we double our efforts by mobilising one another to cease depending on rainfall based crop production only. Of course we should be reminded that, according to scientists, climate change has come into existence because we (human beings) were once reckless and/or negligent in our daily activities… Both chemical emissions into the air and environmental degradation are the major operating factors which gradually triggered global warming.

This article focuses on the surest way of averting the challenge of unreliable rains and/or drought. In the recent past the world has experienced increased records of drought or floods. As a matter of fact, on the one hand we admit that rainfall is not very much reliable in this age; and on the other hand we take notice of the fact that relatively huge amounts of water from the atmosphere get lost without being diversely used by mankind. But, I for one, strongly believe that we can change this trend.

In my well considered view, here is one of the simplest ways to contain this challenge of unreliable rains. Let each one of us have a water tank at one’s compound. It should be positioned at a lower height than one’s dwelling building and/or other buildings. Make a network of gutters or drainpipes attached to each side of the roof of the dwelling house and the roof of any such other buildings which should be well connected to the water tank. At the lower point of the water tank we have to put an outlet pipe. During rainfall, water will be carried from the edges of the roofs down to the water tank.

Such water collected in the water tank can be used for domestic purposes or for irrigation of the vegetables in the kitchen gardens. The size of the water tank may vary depending on what you intend to use the water for at the time of scarcity… For a small-scale use, the reservoir may not be as big as that which may be required for a major-scale use of water. Thus, in the event that one needs a bigger reservoir, one should have a sufficiently big tank. Either we can use concrete to construct a tank of desired volume. Alternatively we can buy various plastic tanks which can be connected to each other.

As noted above, this initiative is very effective in various ways as we aim at improving our lives. However a great caution should be exercised when deciding on erecting and/or use of the water tank to prevent all the probable accidents in our locations… Further precautionary measures must be taken to avert the negative impacts of this initiative on the ecosystem… In this regard the relevant technical support from engineers is highly required.

Finally, I hereby wish to humbly plead with those who are rich, and the micro financing institutions to provide the required support to the needy. With this initiative we shall be able to run away from the pinch and pressure that come with erratic rains, floods, and drought. Together we can win this battle, while enhancing the sustainable human growth and development.


Safeguarding Our Dignity From Unethical And Immoral Music

BY: Dan Phale *

In this article the main focus is on such music that has a huge potential to cause moral decay and aggression and/or violence among human beings. It should be understood by all of us that the relationship between music aggression or violence as well as immorality and the real world aggression and immorality is often moderated by the nature of the music content. But the overall magnitude of the bad effects is sufficiently huge to place it in the category of known and possible threats to human life.

Let us begin by unanimously agreeing that one of the notable and very great changes in our social environment in this era is such an advent of mass media that include computer networks, a radio, and a television. Be it for better or worse, the mass media have posed very great impact on people’s daily lives, the notable indicators of which are people’s values, beliefs, and behaviours.

Recently, a local musician in my homeland has been found on the wrong side of the music world. Just like many other morally reckless music artists he (name withheld) has released a song whose words have been widely interpreted as calculated or likely to encourage or induce men to sexually victimise ladies.

Actually, the best music is the one which is there to provide us with virtually such elements that can enable us get along with life on earth. For example, a good song is a very effective painkiller to any emotional pain felt by any aggrieved person. But in a sharp contrast, a very great concern is that in the music industry most of the songs contain morally and/or sexually violent language and lyrics which can likely have an enormous bearing on males attitude toward women and all other vulnerable groups of people. In fact such music poses a great threat to the vulnerable people because it gives rise to an increased rates of aggression and unethical behaviour in the real world.

At the present time there are many reports, as compiled by various social researchers, which indicate that the young people who have ever been exposed to violent songs – either on radio, or on the television – have always felt more hostile than those who have so far listened or watched similar but nonviolent songs.

In this regard it is requisite that we have to jointly suppress such bad effects of music by ensuring that music artists adhere to the ethics of human conduct. Every child or young person should be manifestly barred from listening to, or watching on television, such songs which contain explicit content… Furthermore, there should be very much strong legal measures, herein termed as the Censorship Laws, which can help curb proliferation of unethical and/or immoral songs. Otherwise the world is destined to witness more horrible, immoral, and dehumanising acts than ever before.

A Loved One Has No Pimples

BY: Dan Phale *

Based on a common philosophy of nature and meaning of life which nurtures the infallible idea that we were all created in the likeness of God, to love another person is to see the face and the identity of God. In fact, by the very virtue of this, a disposition to regard a fellow human being as without a beautiful and/or without a perfect body structure is an unacceptable viewpoint… It is quite segregative. And the irony is that a beautiful heart is better than physical attributes. This is why many people always subscribe to the old wise saying that perfect reputation is better than any of the beautiful body attributes.

In this story, which is a blend of both faction and fiction, I intend to discourage in strong terms the discriminatory behaviour shown by some people who very often despise others as ugly.

One of my friends – Brighton – fell head over heels in love with Sarah, a girl of his youth. And at the end of a sufficient period of courtship period they led to the altar. Suffice to mention herein that their marriage did not get an approval and/or blessings of Tony’s parents including some of his relatives for a mere fact that Sarah’s face had many pimples. Nevertheless this did not stop Tony from loving her. In fact the more they made fun of him, the more love he showed to her just as she did to him… They were inseparable.

Nearly one year later, one of Tony’s brothers – Aaron – married a girl of his choice. Unlike his brother, Aaron got the approval and blessings of his parents, as the girl – Emily – was regarded as the most beautiful queen, with a spotless face, little knowing her true character. But sooner than later Emily proved them wrong. She was a source of instability at the entire family. She could not manage to prepare food even for her husband; neither could she perform any of the household chores. She could not address her husband and/or her in-laws with respect as traditionally required. In other words, Emily has proved that she is not morally upright.

There and then, all of Tony’s relatives came back to their senses and learnt a lot of lessons. They realised that at times “love is blind” and that nobody should be psychologically blind when choosing who to get married to. But the most significant point is all they realised that “A loved one has no pimples”

The Burden Which Comes With Handouts

BY: Dan Phale*

Last time I published an article in which I lobbied for the rich people to have a spirit of showing generosity towards the poor masses everywhere in the world. Actually let us quickly commend those who share what they have with other people. And this is a good gesture of love. In fact love has to be expressed more by deeds than by words only. However we have to check the other side of the coin of life with a deep focus on some of the rich people’s socioeconomic expectations. Thus the same depth of generosity shown to you is the same depth of wound you are likely to get inflicted. Hence the title of this article.

It follows then that one must pay all the engraved attention to some of the important facts concerning the issue of handouts in contrast to generosity. To begin with, a handouts are things which are given or distributed free of charge to those in need. These may be direct payments or provision of cash sums of money or goods, as clearly distinguished from other forms of welfare support like soft loans and/or subsidies. The uphill, however, is that sometimes people cannot realise the probable repercussions which come with handouts until when it is too late to come up with solutions.

In the first place, the culture of giving alms in the language of generocity has a negative connotation with the express implication that things given are both unearned and undeserved. Thus the recipients do not feel the actual ownership. Eventually they take very little or no responsibility in taking care of the same. The alms recipients tend to develop a spirit of dependence; and those who give alms capitalise on this weakness to enslave them. As this continues, their human dignity is comprised with the alms providers calling for the returns in form of forced labour with little or no wages. This means, in other words, that the ugly part of alms giving is that the poor masses in the society continue to be burdened with poverty instead of being bailed out of the tormenting situations.

The best socioeconomic approach towards poverty alleviation program is for somebody to give another a hand up and not a handout. Another paradox is “being lifted up by a rope” against stepping up onto a ladder of opportunity. Otherwise, handouts must be given during an emergency characterised by wild fire, natural disasters, or when it is fully necessary.

All in all, it is of little meaningful help to be giving a person fish everyday; rather it is good to teach him how to catch fish, and he shall be self reliant all the time of his life… … Likewise, apart from being given money, the poor masses should be given such an environment and/or opportunity that is favourable for them to earn money on their own.

From Rags To Riches

BY: Dan Phale*

This is a story which is aimed at imparting a strong sense of hope to all and sundry who are going through hardships… Let it be understood that if there is any similarity in terms of the issues, circumstances, or names of characters herein with those of the readers of this article then it is just a matter of coincidence; otherwise this is a mere fictition.

My almighty God, I understand that you are the only one who can help me all the timesI therefore plead with you to incline your ears to me... I beg you, Lord, not to count on my moral and spiritual weaknesses and/or failures… I am living in the environment where life is very unbelievable… I dont expect you to give me wealth nor poverty, because either way I may feel the temptation to forget and/or dishonour you… However I humbly pray that you should at least give me such prudence and wisdom that I be able to find my life needs, and sustainably use them…”

Such was John’s regular prayer. John became an orphan at a tender age following a road accident which claimed lives of both of his biological parents. As such he was staying with his aunt, Noriah. In fact Noriah is the one who inherited the deceased property left by John’s biological parents because there was no other relative alive on earth. Along this line Noriah was the only one who was expected to take good care of him.

Contrary to the John’s expectations, his aunt cruelly treated him. He was dressed in rags all the times while his cousins were dressed in very descent clothes… While his cousins slept in beds, John was forced to sleep on the floor… Noriah sent her biological children to the best schools while John was sent to a school which was not known with the best education record. In spite of the predicament John was such an ambitious young person that he worked very hard in class. God blessed him abundantly such that he shone more radiantly than his aunt’s biological children. He grew up a very wise man.

At the moment, on the one hand, John is the Chief Executive Officer steering one of the biggest companies in our country. As a matter of fact he is one of the richest people. Interestingly, John is a very generous man… And on the other hand the irony is that all the deceased wealth which was inherited by his aunt did not last long; as such her family cannot afford to acquire the necessities to satisfy their life. In addition his aunt’s biological children did not excel in education, and they are, up to now, unable to grab an employment opportunity.

Tracing Love Through Internet…?

BY: Dan Phale*

If you want to start keeping chicken, you don’t have to look for the parent stock in the market square… If love is sickness, then patience is remedy. All these are what the old wise folks can say in teaching the young generation on how best to understand issues of love and/or marriage. However the youth in this digital era can think, or act, or behave in the contrary way. And the situation seems to be very much complex with the impact of internet which appears to have caused several social changes in human life.

Doreen and Joe came to be linked with each other on internet about six months ago through one of the most popular social media. In fact the two are not from the same country. As such they have only been talking online without a chance to actually meet each other, or learn about each other. But recently they arranged to meet… Doreen has ever bragged that her parents have all the financial muscle to facilitate their marriage and to help sustain their marriage until their old age and/or death. She has had also insisted that he should travel abroad in order to take her from parents. So the money for an international flight was wired into Joe’s bank account… And about two weeks ago Joe flew abroad. Little did he know what the trip had in store for him.

After a two hour flight Joe landed in the foreign territory. In accordance with prior arrangement he boarded a tax which took him to one of the suburbs. As the tax cruised along the road he was full of hallucinations, imagining this and/or that. He greatly became mad at the imaginary fact that marrying a foreign lady would be the most exciting experience in his life… “Everybody shall admire my foreign wife,” he mouthed to himself in the back seat as the driver applied brakes in front of a mansion.

Joe was welcomed by a very beautiful lady who led him into what looked like a paradise… Having got inside, the lady kissed him on both chicks. He was then advised to make himself comfortable and feel at home. She further cheated him that she wanted to prepare some aliments for him in the kitchen; but the truth is that she was up to something quite different. In fact the clueless Joe thought this was a beginning of a new chapter of his life.

It was later in the evening when Doreen and Joe were in the dinning room when suddenly some gigantic men, one of whom being armed with a revolver, stormed into the house. Joe was strongly warned to corporate or risk being shot dead. Then they forced out of the mansion. He was then put into a motor vehicle and they drove away.

Well, it remains to be seen whether Joe is still alive or dead. But if he is still alive then it is more likely that the young man is going through the trauma which comes with human trafficking… In fact, real love is seldom traced on internet.

Power Of Romantic Pipe Dreams

BY: Dan Phale*

The sun had gone beneath the western horizon. Gabriel was feeling some fever. Right from afternoon several people had come to cheer him… These included Portia, one of those who lived in the neighborhood. Observing that he could not manage to prepare food for supper, Portia brought a dish of a very appetising food to fill his stomach… Everybody went home except Portia.

It was now about midnight. Portia still sat near Gabriel’s bed in his bedroom. Now and again she brushed her hand against his forehead or his face as if to give him some comfort. Even in that feverish condition Gabriel felt such a touch to be very mesmerising such that he was tempted to pull her into his embrace, but he was too weak.

“Portia, you can go, now… Go and catch some sleep,” he said, hiding the erotic cyclone which was raging in his mind.

“I don’t think it is good for me to leave you in this condition,” Portia said gently… However, she got up, picking up the bedsheet from near his feet and spread on him up to the bosom. Her soft touch continued to give him a soothing sensation.

While such a passionate gesture by Portia was worth an appreciation, Gabriel thought it was a very nice opportunity to establish an intimate relationship with her. It occurred that most of the times each of them felt a desire for the other, except that they had never expressed their feelings in very clear terms. Of course, unlike Gabriel, virtually Portia could not manage to say it because of the cultural limitations.

* * * * * * * * *

It was about 13:30hr on a hot summer Saturday. And almost everybody in the neighborhood had gone to the community center ground where marriage ceremony was due to take place. Gabriel and Portia were alone at their dwelling places. It means this provided an opportunity for those who would want some privacy. As it was, from several days, a desire was secretly reigning in Gabriel’s mind; and perhaps also in Portia’s mind.

Gabriel thought he could not afford to miss this privacy and opportunity. His feet began to automatically trace steps towards Portia’s house. While walking, he remembered her very enchanting touch when he was sick. He also recalled her angelic look that always lingered on her face.

As he was walking, Gabriel wondered if he would not be put to shame… It was better to have the best excuse. He thought that on a hot summer day under a scorching sun, needing water to drink would be a very convincing excuse, citing the fact that his servant had not supplied him with water for two days now… But before reaching in front of Portia’s house door, he stood for some seconds, observing if there was nobody noticing him. Then he stepped forward, and lightly knocked on the door.

“Who’s it?” a sweet voice came from inside.

In the first place Gabriel failed to utter a word in response. He felt like turning back… “But no, it is certainly not a sign of manliness,” cautiously he whispered to himself.

“It’s me, Gabriel…” somehow he blurted.

“Gabriel… come in… I’m in my bedroom, changing clothes,” her voice came from deep inside.

An image of Portia changing her clothes floated in his mind. He, thus, thought possibly it was time to see her body. His breathing became quicker than normal because it was not all that necessary for her say that she was changing clothes… To him that was, perhaps, an extraordinary invitation. He slowly entered the house, bolting the door from inside… While sitting on the chair he once again fancied Portia’s naked body.

“Portia, I need some water because I’m very thirty… For the past two days my servant has not fetched water for me,” he did not realise how he spoke this out.

“If it is only water that you want, then why all these explanations? Are you ever barred from coming to my house?” she teased him from inside her bedroom.

Gabriel suddenly began walking towards Portia’s bedroom which was left open except for a curtain. He pushed the curtain to one side, and stood in the door behind her scantly clothed body… Portia, surely, must have sensed his arrival in her bedroom, but she pretended to still be engrossed in combing her hair. By this, Gabriel felt encouraged.

One – two – three… He held his breath, and like a beast pouncing on its prey he rushed and wrapped his arms around her waist. Instantly he felt happy that he had done what he had ever thought of since long… Now he waited for Portia’s response.

Jerking her body free, Portia moved aside… And with a shocked face she asked, “What is it that you are doing?”

Feeling like slumping down, Gabriel was probably the most confused man on earth because he saw in her eyes a blended look of anger and love… Perhaps he should have done it more lovingly and carefully. Now he could not figure out what to do next other than getting out of the house… He was ashamed.