Sustaining Human Life Through Bamboo Plantations

BY: Dan Phale*

Various socioeconomic development indicators point to the horrible fact that most of the people in the world both at individual and family levels are living below the poverty line. And an exhaustive look at all the relevant issues can reveal that the global human population is rapidly going high, while such vital resources that are required for us to sustain our livelihood are depleting in quantities day by day. Surely this makes it very difficult for mankind to cope with the ever rising of living. Therefore we are supposed to brainstorm in order to find viable solutions to the existing socioeconomic woes.

In this article we explore the possible ways through which bamboos can be of a great use in raising up the profile of human life in socioeconomic arenas. However it is good, in the first place, for us to become familiar with some of the basic facts about the bamboos.

First things first. As we may all be aware, bamboo plants can grow well in many areas world over. Whereas the scientific tacticians say that the annual rainfall of 900-4000mm and temperature ranges of 20-38°C are the ideal climatic conditions for the growth and development of bamboo plantations. It is further reported that bamboo plantations can as well be established in areas with different soil types.

It is not a secret that many people have been traditionally using bamboos in the construction of structures meant for human dwelling and for food storage such as granaries; and for making baskets and similar products… But recently I observed through one of the popular television stations in the world that a bamboo can be confidently be taken as the best alternative raw material in the manufacturing industry sector, with a particular example of the production of bicycle frames… Meanwhile only very few countries in Asia, and Ghana in my beloved African continent are so far on record to have embarked on an innovative industrial program of making bicycle frames instead of an all-metal raw material.

From the photo it is crystal clear that a spirit of innovative investment is what we need, and I’m proud to say that “Surely, a bamboo has the efficacy to help us enhance the socioeconomic status of mankind.”

It is in this regard that commercial bamboo farming can be the ideal approach if are ready to achieve the sustainable socioeconomic development while conserving the ecosystem vis-à-vis. Therefore, what is required is that those who have the technical expertise should be called upon to train quite a great number of people at all levels on issues of the plantation management as well as the manufacturing processes.

High unemployment rates can soon or gradually become a thing of the past because many people may become the entrepreneurs. The pressure of transport challenges can be greatly eased. And the fact that many individuals, families, villages, and countries can achieve self reliance cannot be overemphasized.

Issues Of Malaria And Economic Development

By: Dan Phale*

Only healthy people are capable of advancing their lives in all areas of socioeconomic development. Hence a need that we must take time to look at issues of one of the killer diseases worldwide. The facts herein are those which I have managed to gather through a research which I have carried out so far.

Throughout the web of statistical information on health issues there is one disease which is seen to be as dazzling like diamond as one of the leading fatal diseases in the world. And this is none other than malaria which is a mosquito-bite infectious disease affecting human beings and other animals. Health experts say that it is mostly transmitted by female anopheles mosquitoes. They also say that at times transmission occurs by direct inoculation of the infected red blood cells through blood transfusion or needles.

Some of the signs and symptoms include headache, general body pains, high fever, vomitting, anaemic conditions, and feeling tired. Of course in some cases these signs and symptoms are akin to those of typhoid fever, which is why it is highly advisable that one should not think of administering to oneself medicinal drugs without consulting the trained personnel.

Treatment of malaria is somehow complex on account of the emergence of drug resistant mosquito vectors coupled with the indisputable fact that every year large populations of people get infected in many parts of the globe. At the same time we take cognizance of the fact that economy in many countries is not sufficiently vibrant to enable such large populations to get cured from malaria because most of the rural masses are poor. Furthermore it is very sad to note that some health workers steal the same medicinal drugs which are already inadequate. In this view prevention is relatively cheaper than medical treatment.

It follows, then, that we have a duty to be proactive all the times than being reactive. All the grasses and stagnant water are the breeding areas of mosquitoes. Hence a risk of transmission of malaria becomes higher in those environments. Therefore, it is very significant that we must ensure that all the times our surroundings are cleared of unwanted vegetation, and that the stagnant water is drained in a bid to break the life cycle of mosquitoes. Other ways of mosquito-bite control are by spraying insecticides, and using treated bed nets… Suffice to mention herein that many people – one of whom being my friend on Facebook – believe in a myth that the bed nets are treated with chemicals which have the potential to make men impotent; and this means that there is a great need of civic education.

There is, however, a grain of hope that one day the scientists will come up with antimalarial vaccine which, currently, is under trials in countries like Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi. May the almighty God grant 

Coincidence Of Poverty And Agony

By: Dan Phale*

The majority of us do have the idea that to be a poor person is like to be nonexistent in this world. And this is really why poverty is the most dreaded enemy of our life merely because it brings about numerous indescribable challenges in our midst.

But, on the other hand this could be a misleading notion to some extent. With or without worldly riches, life goes on. In fact even the very rich elite of this world do perish on an account of lack of prudence in their ways of life as seen through their decisions and reckless or negligent actions and/or omissions. It is, therefore, a requisite that everybody should be sufficiently sagacious in order to avoid falling into an abssy of problems.

In this article we look at a pathetic story of Sarah, the first born in a family of three children whose father was once a multimillionaire called Kenneth. In their family they had everything at their disposal, ranging from food, clothing, and luxuries. In other simple terms their life was a paradise on earth. However, owing to gross financial and/or economic mismanagement, Kenneth lost most of what had for some years brought glory and smile to him and the entire family. Thus he became as average as all other people in a poverty stricken country.

A proverb says wealth is dew… And this means that all and sundry must exercise fiscal discipline.

Everything had to change drastically about five years ago when Kenneth died in a road accident, leaving all his dependants hopeless. Although the bereaved worked hard in their crop fields fortune could not smile on them any more. Therefore, they were forced by adverse circumstances to start living on one meal only every day, and this challenge culminated into a problem of malnutrition and the related problems… Whereas in terms of dressing they had to put on rags. Fancy that…!

Just a year on, their mother fell chronically sick. And no any single child had any viable idea what to do in order to make ends meet. At that time Sarah had just clocked about sixteen years of age. She suggested that she should go to the nearest city in quest of any kind of work in efforts to raise money which could be used to sustain their livelihood and also to allow their frail sick mother get a better medical attention in a private hospital.

But when Sarah went to the city her wishes and hope got so elusive that she was kidnapped and trafficked to a neighboring country. She was detained in a brothel where her life was exposed to very great risks, for she was forced into prostitution life. No wonder sooner than later she contracted HIV. In this regard life continued being all hell to her such that she couldn’t figure out any reason for her to continue living on earth. But long at last some international human rights activists rescued her from the ordeal and was brought back home, whereas the perpetrators were brought to book.

Upon getting home she narrated details of all the miserable events she had gone through. But this could not do any good to her mother and her young sisters at all. Her mother’s ailing health condition worsened to the extent that she died of heart attack. What a grief to a family which was already under a spell of abject poverty and the related agony.

Meanwhile the poor Sarah is appealing to all people of good will and/or organisations to give her and her two young sisters a charitable hand so that they can get out of the predicament they are in.

The King In Dilemma

By: Dan Phale*

It is not a hidden secret that a ruler feels being at the top of life with his subjects showering abundant glory, honour, and praises at him, and giving him different gifts which are intended to buy favours from him in turn… And all is well when the king’s reign is under such circumstances that would not erode peace from his palace because it is such peace that is expected to flood over to the entire territory. As a matter of fact there are quite several factors which intricately influence peace and stability in the kingdom.

Here is a story of Chidule, a man who is not only a polygamist, but also a King for the Chidule clan of people. He lives together with his two wives, Lilian and Agatha, at the royal palace. Lilian is the first wife whereas Agatha is the second; and in accordance with their culture, in the event that the King marries more than one wife the first one is automatically the first lady, otherwise a Queen. In fact Lilian is married to the king for well over three years but has been barren to give birth to a Prince while Agatha has been the king’s second wife for two years only and is a mother of a son born to the king.

In this case Chidule has an uphill to climb following a very difficult situation which has so far given rise to a tension in the palace as the two wives have been at loggerheads all the times, scrambling for a status of a Queen. One day last year Lilian and Agatha picked a fierce quarrel with each other.

Agatha, why do you often address me in a disrespectful manner as if you don‘t know that I am a Queen in this kingdom?” asked Lilian angrily.

Shame on you…! How does a kings barren wife come to be called a Queen?” argued Agatha with a tone of ridicule.

How dare you contend with me, Agatha? Don’t you know I am the kings first wife?

A fight broke and this resulted in each sustaining injuries. And when the news was brought to the attention of the King, a solution had to be found. So after some deliberations the royal council unanimously agreed that Lilian should be given a grace period of one more year, while Agatha was given the last caution against being disrespectful in any way to the first wife.

The decision gave Lilian a chance to think of a way out of the ordeal.

I think I am only paying the price of a series of abortions which I carried out when I was a young unmarried lady…” Lilian accused herself, adding, “However this is my opportunity to do something.”

She secretely bought materials to be putting on with a purpose of blindfolding the King that he should think that she had now conceived. Simultaneously she conspired with a certain doctor to produce a fake medical report in support of this, insinuating that because of some reproductive complications she should not make love with the King until the time of delivery. In getting this, the King felt quite ecstatic that the palace would no longer have a similar controversy.

At the expiry of nine months, Lilian sneaked away from the palace and went to a certain hospital, walked into the maternity ward and stole therein a baby boy that she took to the palace. And the clueless King was all smiles, while Agatha maintained that she was the first to give the King a son hence deserving to be called the Queen. Very ecstatic on the one hand, and annoyed on the other, the King was prompted to evict Agatha, little knowing what life had in store for him and the entire land.

Sooner than later, police officers came to the palace and apprehended Lilian for the offence of child stealing, for somebody spotted her in the hospital committing the offence… At the moment Chidule is in dilemma as to whether to remarry Agatha or take a new wife. He knows that a home without a mother is like a desert, and the kingdom needs to have a heir. In fact he feels that he hastily evicted Agatha from the palace.

Elderly People Are Not Witches

By: Dan Phale*

The world chooses to classify and/or adress certain classes of people as very important persons (VIPs), Right Honourables, or Excellencies based on their respective positions and/or roles that have an impact on growth and development of mankind in various societies. But the system seems not to recognise a certain group of persons who are the most important on earth; and these are the elderly people.

Ironically some of the so-called VIPs are well known for bad manners and/or unjust acts such that they do not deserve these titles, not at all…!

For a moment let us look at all the best influence that we can get from the elderly people. They are very wise… They are the best custodians of moral and cultural values which, virtually, are the pillars of human life… Certainly, they have a vast experience of life on earth, hence know how to find solutions to challenges or problems.

It follows then that, to the best of my conscience, our grandparents should have been the first group of people to be given these titles… Why…? As a matter of fact every human being has a tap root of life, and the tap root is none other than one’s own grandparents. Without grandparents there would not be somebody’s parents, and similarly there would never be life. By virtue of the foregoing, I hereby grant everyones grandparents a VIP status.

Contrary to the realities and/or expectations, it is very pathetic to note that nowadays many of us have labelled our grandparents as witches or wizards. Most of the elderly people are, now and again, accused of having a sorcery hand in somebody’s death, claims which have no factual basis at all… Worse than this is the fact that the elderly people are vulnerable to violent crimes in which some are brutally assaulted and/or murdered for offences which they did not commit. Suffice to mention herein that there are unscrupulous persons who just want to rob the aged people of their wealth, taking an advantage of their inability to defend themselves due to physical weakness.

  • Should we say that it is an offence for a person to be well advanced in age…? If the answer is yes, then why do we feel afraid of premature death…? Why is it that many people want to grow old…?

It is high time everybody knew that superstition has the ardent potential to destroy the public peace. Let us protect our grandparents from any form of social injustices which come with mythical and unsubstantiated accusations of witchcraft. All the concerned parties should, therefore, maximize campaign against any kind of brutality perpetrated against the elderly people. The best approach is by enacting and/or implementing stiff laws in a bid to suppress such cruel, inhumane, and barbaric acts which violate the fundamental human rights of the elderly. Let us all unite to sustain law and order in our respective communities.

Elderly people are not witches nor wizards… Rather, they are the VIPs of all the human races in the world.

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

By: Dan Phale*

From the historical facts that we have so far it is crystal clear that the world favours those who are well-to-do, and as such life is very unbearable to the poor masses. Ranging from issues of distribution of wealth to issues of justice administration… It is, thus, an indisputable fact that a rich person continues amassing more wealth than a poor person does. Likewise it is less common to have a rich person to be found guilty and to be convicted of an offence than a poverty stricken person. The language which is often used is that money talks. But there comes in life a rare moment when the unexpected things happen.

Here is a story involving one known by the name of Collins. Fortune smiled at him such that he is one of the elite in a poor territory. He is a very rich politician and businessman who has been all along regarded as an icon in financial matters, and as influential as a demigod.

Collins has also been well known for property grabbing and plundering public funds either directly or indirectly. At times his name has been associated with questionable missing of people who have ever attempted to stand up against social injustices. In fact he has had a propensity for social crimes. And in all such unjust engagements he has been using his special personal assistant, Bengo. But in the recent past he has found himself in quite a predicament.

His once trusted special personal assistant, Bengo, has taken a bold step to divulge everything which this man has been committing against the less privileged poor populace.

Why should I betray my own people?” Bengo once thought, considering that by aiding his employer in committing atrocities against the innocent was against the expectations of the social ethics of mankind. He also thought it was detrimental to his own integrity… So, one day Bengo wrote a letter to the law enforcement agency in the territory, bringing to the lime light everything Collins has ever done. And following that letter lots of crimes got investigated impartially leading to Collins’s apprehension.

The past two months legal proceedings were instituted in the court of law whereas Collins was left breathless when he realised that Bengo could stand in the witness box to testify against him on the crimes he has been committing. Delivering its final decision on the whole case yesterday the court of law found Collins guilty of several crimes, and sent him to prison.

Having been found guilty as charged, and accordingly convictedthis court of law hereby sentences to go to a prison term of twelve years with hard labour….” The judge announced, adding, “This sentence will serve as deterrence to the wouldbe offenders. Being on political positions should not be construed as a warrant to oppress the led privileged in the society.”

At least Bengo is now, on the one hand, a national hero because he has saved the entire territory from the impact of abuse of power and corrupt practices by misguided leaders like Collins… And on the other hand people have rightly applauded the judge for not being enticed by the bribes that were offered by the mighty political and business icon, Collins.

Surely this is a great lesson to those who abuse their political and/or leadership positions by misleading themselves with a proverb which says that the cow must graze where she is tied. The fact that one has abundant wealth does not mean he or she is supernaturalAs a matter of fact the lion’s power lies in our fear of him… But it is high time that people realized that the law is not like a spider’s web where only little insects get caught.

Even A Rich Woman Wants To Be Loved

By: Dan Phale*

More often than not we view life differently, and this is normal, because we happen to have distinguished understandings on issues that affect us. However, the concept of the human needs can not – and shall never – be waived at all, because I have the idea that human needs are not variables; they are rather constants. With this line of thinking, regardless of whatever, what I need is what someone needs as well.

Surely there are very rich women in our respective societies. Their bank accounts are stashed with abundant money; and they have very descent houses, well furnished, and with world class furniture. They own and/or drive poshy cars. As such we admire them quite a lot, assuming that their life is complete and satisified. But we don’t know the hidden realities of what their inner life is like.

Just grab an opportunity to go to the dwelling house of any rich woman whom you know in your locality, either by virtue of your official duties or on an account of any communal task. You will be glad to know a better part of her life. The people she lives with are either her relatives – like brothers, sisters, cousins – or house servants. And there is someone who is not – and must be – there. That’s someone to love her, a husband.

In fact, among all the human needs there is what is deemed as an emotional need, and this is love. Any person wants to love and to be loved.

I remember some years ago when I was in Karonga there was a very beautiful lady who lived close to my workplace. Her name was Linda. She was highly educated and was working for a certain private company which paid her very hansomely every month for her services. Thus she was not only able to meet the high cost of living, but she had also the capacity to achieve a lot in life. Without any difficulties she constructed her own mansion, and bought a very expensive car.

One day I bought one of the daily newspapers in our country. And as I flipped through pages I came to a column of The Lonely Hearts where I got perplexed to see what Linda wrote.

My name is Linda and I am employed by a certain private company, and I live at Karonga boma. My contact phone number is 088××××× … I am in dire need of a man to love and marry meand a serious man can send me a text message through the above number, and I will call him back.”

I didn’t believe what I had read… As a matter of fact I had always felt a strong love for her but I was often distracted by mixed feelings of fear and hopelessnes that she would not accept my proposal for not being her match. And three days after reading that message, I mustered courage to advance my proposal to her.

Well, so she is singleI think I should try my luck,” I once said to my lone self.

By the time I talked to her I was a bit late because someone had already advanced his proposal to her, and he was accepted by that rich woman.