Rising Against All Dangerous Myths

BY: Dan Phale*

As I write this article my eyes are blurred with tears of commiseration, condolences, disbelief, empathy, fear, shock, and sympathy because of the hardships and/or deaths so far caused by other evil minded persons. And at the very end of the article I will ask all of you readers to rise up and take a very strong action.

About a week ago or so I and other fellow good countrymen got highly stunned having heard that a certain man had been sexually traumatizing a four year old girl child with an aim of getting rid of the HIV from his body. According to the media reports the man was acting on advice which he got from somebody who crookedly and fraudulently claimed to be a doctor… But in a sharp contrast, the man who currently is in custody of the State for defilement charges remains HIV positive. And the worst fact is that he has even infected the four year old girl child with the virus… What a pity…!

This reminds me of several other horrible issues surrounding the very innocent people getting inflicted with great pains, or even being brutally murdered and getting their private parts removed. Such stories have involved both men and women, more so with our dear friends and/or brothers and sisters with albinism. To the worst extent the heartless persons have all the insanity to sneak into the graveyards to exhume dead bodies… What for…?

Most recently the media reports have informed the public that all men with bald heads have become the targets of the brutal serial killers. And now great fear has taken full control of my being as I presume that tomorrow all men with huge tufts of beard – a group where I belong – will be the next target.

For the first time in my life I am prompted to develop a hostile mind against everybody who has a sign post written “Dr XXX“at his or her dwelling place… Ironically my copy of a dictionary says a doctor is the one who is skilled in medical sciences… I can very strongly speculate that these are the people who have been propagating and/or disseminating such dangerous myths that human body tissues could be used for healing purposes or for good luck. I really hate them… In fact it would be better if we had no such people among us, I suppose. They are the charlatans.

God did not create a person to be used as a raw material of medicinal products. Neither did He create a person to be used as a sacrifice for somebody’s good luck.

Let us rise up and do something to end the ordeal. Let nobody be cheated that human body tissues are a source of a better life… Nobody should be lured into believing that HIV can be removed from the blood streams by having sexual intercourse with a young baby. These are dangerous myths.


Elderly People Are Not Witches

By: Dan Phale*

The world chooses to classify and/or adress certain classes of people as very important persons (VIPs), Right Honourables, or Excellencies based on their respective positions and/or roles that have an impact on growth and development of mankind in various societies. But the system seems not to recognise a certain group of persons who are the most important on earth; and these are the elderly people.

Ironically some of the so-called VIPs are well known for bad manners and/or unjust acts such that they do not deserve these titles, not at all…!

For a moment let us look at all the best influence that we can get from the elderly people. They are very wise… They are the best custodians of moral and cultural values which, virtually, are the pillars of human life… Certainly, they have a vast experience of life on earth, hence know how to find solutions to challenges or problems.

It follows then that, to the best of my conscience, our grandparents should have been the first group of people to be given these titles… Why…? As a matter of fact every human being has a tap root of life, and the tap root is none other than one’s own grandparents. Without grandparents there would not be somebody’s parents, and similarly there would never be life. By virtue of the foregoing, I hereby grant everyones grandparents a VIP status.

Contrary to the realities and/or expectations, it is very pathetic to note that nowadays many of us have labelled our grandparents as witches or wizards. Most of the elderly people are, now and again, accused of having a sorcery hand in somebody’s death, claims which have no factual basis at all… Worse than this is the fact that the elderly people are vulnerable to violent crimes in which some are brutally assaulted and/or murdered for offences which they did not commit. Suffice to mention herein that there are unscrupulous persons who just want to rob the aged people of their wealth, taking an advantage of their inability to defend themselves due to physical weakness.

  • Should we say that it is an offence for a person to be well advanced in age…? If the answer is yes, then why do we feel afraid of premature death…? Why is it that many people want to grow old…?

It is high time everybody knew that superstition has the ardent potential to destroy the public peace. Let us protect our grandparents from any form of social injustices which come with mythical and unsubstantiated accusations of witchcraft. All the concerned parties should, therefore, maximize campaign against any kind of brutality perpetrated against the elderly people. The best approach is by enacting and/or implementing stiff laws in a bid to suppress such cruel, inhumane, and barbaric acts which violate the fundamental human rights of the elderly. Let us all unite to sustain law and order in our respective communities.

Elderly people are not witches nor wizards… Rather, they are the VIPs of all the human races in the world.

The Price Of Abortion

By: Dan Phale*

A few days after I published an article entitled Ways Of The Charlatan which was preceded by The Sexual Hyena Man something very unusual and worth sharing happened. But I have been temporarily unable to be on my computer because I was preoccupied with the new year celebration. And now that I am free I hereby do so.

Jezebel and Philip have been living happily as a wife and a husband respectively. But five years after they wedded they have found themselves in a situation where merriment is elusive. They have become a laughingstock in their Mphate Village for being childless.

And this has made Jezebel to start pressing on her husband that they should do something in order to overcome the pinch of mockery. She does not seem to realise that she is the cause of what they are going through.

History says that Jezebel was a fancy woman for a number of years of her adolescence. She had multiple casual sexaul relationships with boyfriends, a fact which resulted in her conceiving several times as well. And in an attempt to escape reprimand from elders each time she conceived she found pills to carry out abortion. As a matter of fact she has had terminated at least six pregnancies, gradually causing serious harm to her reproductive tract.

Now, assuming that some people are jealous and a cause of their childlessness in a supernatural way, Jezebel last week convinced her husband that they had to seek a hand of a traditional doctor. And without much insights Philip agreed to the idea. So they went to the compound of one identified as Dr Kankhande.

In the name of the spirits of my ancestors,” Kankhande said, “I will assist you out of this curse…”

He gave them very bitter herbs, and promised that this year they would have a baby, adding “Come tomorrow for some more herbs which at the moment are not available…”

But the clueless Philip pleaded with Kankhande that he be allowed to go to his work place first in the morning.

“There is no problem, sir. You can go to work and your wife can come alone to collect the remaining herbs.

“Oh, thank you very much, doctor.” Philip did not know what the following had in store for them.

The following day Philip’s wife went back to Kankhande’s compound. Upon reaching there Kankhande let her enter into a grass thatched hut before locking the door behind her.

Woman!” said Kankhande in a coarse voice. “Undress yourself and lie down…”

Jezebel in a moment was reluctant to undress, but Kankhande threatened her that she would go mad if she did not obey. And trembling with fear she undressed herself and got raped. And when she was released to go, she narrated everything to her husband.

Thanks to the law enforcers… As of now Kankhande is in the hands of the police pending his appearance before the court of law to answer to the charge of rape.