Together In Curbing Social Imperfections

BY: Dan Phale*

I have taken time before being on the website due to some impediments beyond my control… But now I am back. In fact this time I feel all the inclination to chat with you on the exclusive need for us to be up and vigilant against some of the social imperfections which exist in our midst.

An earth is more or less like an ant hill; we go in through the same door, but we happen to stay in different chambers… And why is this so? More often than not, this happens largely due to lack of faculty of reason… And significantly this gives rise to lots of moral problems such as disobedience or disrespect, arrogance; and social disparities like discriminatory acts manifested expressly or otherwise through insatiable greed, oppression, racism or tribalism, favouritism and nepotism.

Indicators of these are bias or poor leadership, draconian rules and/or policies, bribery and corruption, inequality of distribution of wealth, among others. In workplaces people experience unfair administrative justice with little or no application of the doctrines of natural justice and the rule of law. Workers get promoted because they are related to members of the top management. Adversely this creates a big lacuna in the way duties ought to be discharged by the workers. And in the long run this leads to low productivity and/or poor delivery of services because others feel downtrodden and discouraged.

In view of the aforementioned, large populations of people in many parts of the world have been subjected to lots of challenges such as perpetual poverty, very high cost of living, little human growth and development, and conflicts.

But perhaps it begins with education of children in terms of values and virtues of life which must begin during the infancy. In that way the children can easily have their mental faculties, from their first appearance on earth, directed towards the truth, sincerity and fairness, while being removed away from the evils, the obscenity, and the falsehoods. This age is comfortably regarded as the most solid immovable foundation upon which the moral formation is to be built. It is from childhood, as from a starting line, that a human being sets off on the lifelong race. And this must begin from their family homes which are the best domestic platform where life values are highly expected to be imparted in them by their parents and/or guardians.

In fact I agree with Basil the Great who once said that the soul of a human being is easily melted and molded while it is still at a tender age and as soft as a wax. Really while still young a person is easily shaped into the faculty of reason which cements the impression of perfect values of human life.

All what we desperately need in order to succeed in curbing social imperfections is unity among all classes of people… Even two ants do not fail to pull one grasshopper; and when the spider webs are joined together they can tie up a lion. It is true that the dogs understand each other by their barking, and men get along together by their common language. Surely if we want to walk far, let us walk together.

For those who are on various leadership positions it is significant to note that even a king requires some advice at some point in time. Along this line of thinking leaders must realize that even the mightiest eagle comes down to the tree tops to rest… And for us who are under control of others, let us respect them.


Parents’ Critical Role In The World

By: Dan Phale*

In the context of human society a family is a unity of people who form the primary institution for the civilization of mankind. This implies that without a family there are no other forms of human society such as a village, a region, the nation, and even the entire world. In this regard whatever happens at all levels of human civilization it is a reflection of the life of members of each of the families that exist on earth.

Many parts of the world have, from time to time, been subjected to different challenges that include perpetual conflicts or wars, and terrorism. Of course many people, whether individually or in groups, have so far attempted to find solutions to such challenges. Unfortunately their efforts have yielded very little achievements in the short term. But what we need are long term solutions… And how can we be successful in our endeavours in this regard?

As a matter of fact we need to examine how parents play their role in raising a society at any level. In view of the fact that a family is the basic grouping of any society, parents are actually pivotal in how the whole world can succeed to bring to an end conflicts that inhibit civilization and the well being of mankind.

In all the wisdom charity begins at home. And a family is the domestic university where moral values are taught.

For instance when we take a close look at causes of conflicts and/or wars in various countries we find out that some people are greedy and selfish, a reality which blossoms into social injustice as manifested by a spirit of nepotism, favouritism, corruption, racism, tribalism, and segregation. Consequently there is hatred among people which is very much detrimental to growth and development.

Surely the conduct of human beings depend on how they were brought up… Therefore parents have a bigger role to play in a bid to prevent conflicts and fighting among people at various levels… Thus they have to teach their children that no matter sex, economic or social status, or race, or whatsoever, all human beings are born free and are equal in dignity and rights.

Whereas the acknowledgement of the inherent dignity and equal universal rights of all human beings is the pillar that anchors freedom, justice, and peace in the entire world.

It is very amazing for us to be hoping for a better future world when we are having children who are not well raised by their parents.

Please, I beseech you parents to take a leading role in creating a world which will be free of conflicts and terrorism… In fact, parental responsibilities should go beyond providing the essential needs to the children… Remember that a tree is easily straightened when it is still small and tender.