Wrestling With Adverse Or Evil Powers

BY: Dan Phale*

Following the busiest and most tiresome day, yesterday, I retired to my bedroom earlier than all the average days. In fact I worked from morning to the evening without a sufficient rest. I was thus dog tired such that after supper I didn’t feel like spending a good time with my family in spite of the fact that we had missed one another for some hours. Sooner than later I got into a deep slumber in which I had a dream.

Melissa giggled, her laughter echoing in the entire mansion as Gilbert struggled to put off his jeans. She unbuckled her bra, making him groan until his pants were finally off and he began moving his fingers along her attractive body curves. Gilbert then slid his hands between her thighs, gently pushing them apart before returning to her lace underwear, as he cunningly smiled at her. Melissa let out a soft joyful moan, tightening her grip around him while pulling him closer to her as he slid his palm in her heat.

Her innocent eyes closed amid such a great rapture as was caused when he rocked his fingers against her feminity, stimulating her delightful orgasm. Her back arched as her mouth opened up involuntarily, while her lips released some whispers of clear sensation.

As the foreplay continued, Gilbert chuckled lowly, enjoying the rapture he was cunningly giving her. Then he was of the view that her body was consumed in ardent lust, and that she would not move up from the bed until he penetrated her. So, he suddenly pulled himself away in order to take a very little sachet of a poisonous powder from the drawer next to his king-size bed. Melissa frowned, feeling both surprised and disappointed – surprised because she didn’t expect a man who had always said “I miss you darling” to suddenly pull away from a foreplay; and disappointed because she thought he actually had no intention to make love with her on that day. Well, in accordance with her instincts, one of the two was more likely to be the reason for Gilbert’s abrupt halt of the foreplay.

Now as Gilbert turned towards the drawer, Melissa wanted to find out. She falsely moaned as if she was on the summit of sexual desire… while peeking over his shoulder, and caught sight of a sachet containing poisonous liquid. At the same time the heavens warned her to be on her feet, now. Therefore, keeping a watchful eye on his muscular body, she rose up, hastily wearing her clothes as she saw him tear open the sachet. He swiftly threw the liquid in the direction where she had lied down on her back in the bed, targeting her naked womanhood. But he missed his devilish target as she was already standing some feet away from there. In fact he knew the poison would diffuse into her body through her exposed tender feminity, in order to instantly cause her death… But why? He was a member of a secret cult group, except that Melissa was not aware of this fact from the time she fell head over heels in love with him.

The next events scared me too much. Gilbert realised that Melissa had taken clear notice of his evil motives and that if he let her go, she would disclose everything to the law enforcers, which would lead to his arrest. He sprang up, stretching both his arms in order to grab her neck, but she effortlessly pushed him back. Instantly his hands flew up and his eyes, widened as he fell down on the floor. His mouth opened widely, gasping for air like a fish outside water. Blood started dripping heavily from his mouth and nose, and finally his eyes became dull and lifeless… With a mere effortless touch she managed to kill her would-be killer.

But why are these events occurring in my full sight…? Or, couldn’t they notice my presence when I stormed into this house as a law enforcement agent following the seemingly terrible noise…?” I had several questions but without answers, astonished. Suffice to mention that in spite of having hurried, and entered into Gilbert’s mansion, and particularly in his room, I suddenly felt physically too weak to do the needful.

I woke up with a jolt, heavily perspiring, only to come to my senses that I had been dreaming… Actually they were not mere dreams. Clearer than water is a fact that dreams can provide us with such a real-life lesson that in times of danger we cannot be saved by mere human powers… For us to wrestle with the evil powers, we rather need such divine powers that come from the holy spirit of our mighty Father who reigns universally. Of course we don’t see Him, but His works.


The World On The Edge

BY: Dan Phale*

Nobody knows what the dawn will bring, but the dawn does not come twice to awaken a man. In fact those who die due to ignorance are more than those who die with sufficient knowledge and wisdom. Historical facts have a very significant impact on our life. Therefore it is imperative that everybody must know where he or she is coming from, because the past and present will determine our future.

Many years have elapsed since the world came into existence. Lots and lots of things have happened. And from what we have so far perceived through hearing or seeing or reading there are so many enormous changes that have taken place… Ranging from cultural issues to social issues to spiritual issues.

Let me begin by saying that I always cherish the philosophy that a family is the only domestic academy where the children can learn principles of human conduct. In this context I remember pretty well that when I was still young my parents instilled in me and my brothers and my sisters quite a number of virtuous pillars of human life. Decency in dressing, discipline, honesty, love, perseverance, respect for others, tolerance – the list goes on and on… Those were the days when children were NOT at liberty to make their own choices willy nilly without a necessary guidance and active role of their parents. There were rare cases of alcoholism and/or drug abuse among children. If given orders and/or directions we would were not expected to make objections and arguments but to comply. No wonder, in spite of other challenges, the world was inhabited by people who had good manners… As such there was coexistence, peace and tranquility.

But with a passage of many ages down the line we are not in the same world. It is not a hidden secret that there is a very drastic change of life pattern amid mankind… Oh yes…! This is according to a meticulous examination of major issues which uniquely affect us on daily basis.

More often than not we get reports of conflicts and/or fighting. And issues of terrorism have become of regular headlines in news updates. Children are recruited and sent to fight in the battle front… What future will they wait for if their childhood is taken away from them? Day in day out many people are displaced from their homeland to become refugees in the foreign land. And the worst issue is that innocent people are ruthlessly killed. Suffice to mention herein that it is very disturbing to observe that these tragedies emanate from issues of extremism, imperialism, insatiable power ambitions, socioeconomic inequality, and racism or tribalism.

Now as a result of persistent fighting, of course with the use of chemical weapons, we are experiencing gradual climate change. The air is highly polluted such that there are increased rates of disease outbreaks and preventable deaths, thereby making the life span go down. How can there be sufficient and effective healthcare services when everybody is on the run…? Eventually all the socioeconomic activities are negatively affected.

Issues of homosexuality have also become more common in this era than in the ancient times, according to history. Some people in other parts of the world are advocating for the enactment of laws that can help to recognise same sex marriages as a matter of human rights. Very much hilarious, and this is against the order of nature. In fact a marriage was designed by God for sexual pleasure meant for two persons with opposite sexual organs, and of course for procreation purpose… And this is irrebuttable.

Let us now talk of spiritual issues. Many churches are being founded everyday. Arguably there are too many churches nowadays compared to the past. Some of us believe that such an increase in the number of churches is NOT based on the true mission of spreading the word of God; but because the spirit of rebellion is very much common among the so-called christians. Along this line of events there are too many false prophets. And the devil has taken this as a leeway to such alarming levels that some people have created on internet some blogs or websites for advancement of the satanic matters.

Well, let us cross our fingers to save ourselves from collapsing alongside the world. With the help of God we can succeed. United we stand, divided we fall… It is not too late.