Safeguarding Our Dignity From Unethical And Immoral Music

BY: Dan Phale *

In this article the main focus is on such music that has a huge potential to cause moral decay and aggression and/or violence among human beings. It should be understood by all of us that the relationship between music aggression or violence as well as immorality and the real world aggression and immorality is often moderated by the nature of the music content. But the overall magnitude of the bad effects is sufficiently huge to place it in the category of known and possible threats to human life.

Let us begin by unanimously agreeing that one of the notable and very great changes in our social environment in this era is such an advent of mass media that include computer networks, a radio, and a television. Be it for better or worse, the mass media have posed very great impact on people’s daily lives, the notable indicators of which are people’s values, beliefs, and behaviours.

Recently, a local musician in my homeland has been found on the wrong side of the music world. Just like many other morally reckless music artists he (name withheld) has released a song whose words have been widely interpreted as calculated or likely to encourage or induce men to sexually victimise ladies.

Actually, the best music is the one which is there to provide us with virtually such elements that can enable us get along with life on earth. For example, a good song is a very effective painkiller to any emotional pain felt by any aggrieved person. But in a sharp contrast, a very great concern is that in the music industry most of the songs contain morally and/or sexually violent language and lyrics which can likely have an enormous bearing on males attitude toward women and all other vulnerable groups of people. In fact such music poses a great threat to the vulnerable people because it gives rise to an increased rates of aggression and unethical behaviour in the real world.

At the present time there are many reports, as compiled by various social researchers, which indicate that the young people who have ever been exposed to violent songs – either on radio, or on the television – have always felt more hostile than those who have so far listened or watched similar but nonviolent songs.

In this regard it is requisite that we have to jointly suppress such bad effects of music by ensuring that music artists adhere to the ethics of human conduct. Every child or young person should be manifestly barred from listening to, or watching on television, such songs which contain explicit content… Furthermore, there should be very much strong legal measures, herein termed as the Censorship Laws, which can help curb proliferation of unethical and/or immoral songs. Otherwise the world is destined to witness more horrible, immoral, and dehumanising acts than ever before.


Beauty Contest Is Undesirable

BY: Dan Phale*

According to the old wise folks in my homeland beauty is an empty calabash. Surely the only thing which beauty holds is pride; and pride only goes the length that one can spit. It is in this view that I hereby present my strong argument against the notion of beauty contests.

Let me begin by saying that I have never been – and shall most unlikely be – convinced as to why really some people do organise and/or conduct, or participate in, what they term as beauty contest or beauty pageant. Except that what I mostly observe is an exhibition of nudity in the public, and nothing important. Usually the contest focuses on judging and ranking the physical attributes of the ladies; and sometimes it is based on their personality traits, intelligence, talents, and answers to the Judges’ questions in an interview.

Secondly, I feel all the inclination to, and I hereby, draw the attention of all and sundry to a biblical philosophy that any person was created by, and in the image of, one God, as per Genesis 1: 27. And for purposes of English language, an antonym of a word beautiful is ugly. In this regard the implication is that the objective of the beauty contests is to single out the beautiful ladies from the ugly ones. Now look, if one lady is singled out and crowned as the Queen of beauty, then who will be the Queen of the ugly ladies? Ironically the one God who created us all does not have two different images, the one which beautiful and the other one which is ugly. In all the wisdom, I find the whole idea of having beauty contests to be very irrational, inhumane, and discriminatory. Oh yes…!

Now let us look at some of the issues that are involved in the process of searching for the socalled Queen of beauty. Actually the process leaves quite a lot to be desired. Ladies longing for a title and crown are subjected to various examinations, two of which are what are in this article. The contestants are paraded, whereby each one catwalks, sexily swaying her hip. And what baffles me most is the fact that more often than not the contesting ladies do put on scanty clothes which would not be recommended or accepted by my late grandparents who were the strong defenders and advocates of our cultural values… I mean, it is absurd to suggest that a lady’s nakedness be a measure of her beauty. In a sharp contrast, scanty dressing is a factor which gradually triggers moral indecency among the youths. In other words, nakedness and beauty are two different issues altogether.

Additionally it sounds very funny to witness a lady being interviewed by the so-called judges on issues that are not at pal with beauty… I remember having laughed my lungs out one day a few months ago when I watched on one of the popular television stations where irrelevant issues arose.

What is your highest qualification, young lady?” one judge asked.

Im a degree holder in social science studies,” the young lady answered proudly.

Why do you want to become a Queen of beauty in this country?” the second judge asked.

Let me assure this board that I shall ensure that I and my fellow youths should contribute towards social and economic development of our country if I am crowned Queen of beauty.”

Kkkkkkkkk, the impression here is that without emerging victorious in the beauty contest that young lady would not take part in the social and economic endeavours of her country,” I laughed before switching off the television.

Of course somebody may attempt to defend the notion of staging beauty contests on a mere basis of a long historical background, citing beauty festivals which were celebrated in the ancient world during the medieval era… Nonetheless, we don’t have to emulate such practices that are more likely to weaken our human dignity in terms of cultural and moral merits.

In effect these contests have the viability to make people have wrong perception that girls and women should be valued principally for their physical appearance. Furthermore this idea exerts great psychological pressure on ladies to conform to the conventional beauty standards as set by the organisers of the contests. As such ladies are prompted to spend unnecessary amount of money and time on fashion, cosmetics, and hairdos in an attempt to adorn themselves. At times ladies are negatively influenced to go for slimming therapeutic programs to the extent of harming their own health.

In a nutshell, a beauty contest is undesirable everywhere. Otherwise beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Like Mother Like Daughter

By: Dan Phale*

Julia was once a very obedient girl to her parents. She was too quick to obey to what her parents said and/or ordered. In fact she was a family pride. But there came a moment when things had to change… WHY????

Her parents led a cat-and-dog life whereas they had little time to take care of their daughter.

The mother had born that girl in a very unclean manner. Actuall she and her spouse had eloped. But she didn’t know the impact that would have on her and her daughter’s life…either express or implied.

It started when she was in standard six (6) when she fell in love with a certain man…  Did she know that he was a watchman at the dwelling house of the parents of hers?? Yes she knew. Mpira wa mukhonde… Kk-kkk-kkkk

Well, Julia gave birth to her first born. It was a boy, who by now is about thirty years old, but already has done so many atrocities to innocent people… Of course this is not what I want to share with you. It is about a girl child Julia gave birth to after some years, and her name is Linly.

Linly has ever led a very careless life, more so than her mother. At the age of ten she had already began misbehaving. She could be construed as insane; but it was due to something unknown yet.

And when Linly reached puberty, she became more uncontrollable. But whose fault? Her parent, Julia is to blame. She was too loose with her child. Just imagine; a parent whose background is characterized by such immoral behaviour can not attempt in any way to raise her child in a proper way.

At the present time Linly has a baby boy after another one bthatillegitimately… But this is not a big challenge as compared to the fact that she is now HIV positive. Worse is the fact that she did not disclose her status to her spouse. And when he discovered the secret he forced her out of house.
Like mother like daughter: Linly is simply a replica of what her mother used to be. In fact Julia nowadays strives to correct her daughter but it is quite too late.

It is true that a tree is easily straightened when it is still small and tender.

Please, ladies and gentlemen, display a good image of parenthood to your children so that you mould their future… Remember that charity begins at home. Actually, as I have ever said, home is the domestic university where moral values are taught to the siblings. Don’t live to regret.