Only Somebody Can Scratch Your Back

BY: Dan Phale*

It is the open secret that various individuals on earth have different talents. That is how God created us. He gave us different endowments so that collectively we can achieve something in life… In this regard nobody is better than another, just as the desert is also fertile.

This is a story about a certain man who thought he was more superior than others.

Once upon a time there was a carpenter. He was popularly known for his skills in carpentry and joinery in entire Mwima township. In fact nearly all residents in the township knew that he was second to none in this industry. Gradually this yielded him much better connections with those people in the elite class who thronged to his shop to get the best furniture and other related products. With great earnings he established a paradise of his own kind on earth. Little by little he grew into a person full of complacency, selfglory, and vanity, to the extent that he began severing good ties with his old friends and others… He became very callous about the suffering of others.

But there came a very critical moment for the carpenter to learn some bitter lessons in life. It was on the onset of the rainy season when there were stormy rains which saw many dwelling houses demolished. And the carpenter’s dwelling house was not an exception. The worst thing is that the storm occurred at night such that it was too difficult for him to escape from this fate. Most of his property got damaged and some got lost as well. The damages and losses were so huge that he could not afford to replace sooner than later.

In the following morning, the carpenter was forced by the adverse circumstances to kneel down before the same people he had despised ever before to beg for their succour in one way or another. Of course, in the interim, his principal plea was to get a shelter before his house would be reconstructed. But his plea fell on the deaf ears. Everybody who was once in the group of the good-for-nothings now turned to be the most important in this tormenting time of his life.

My fellow beings, it is true that there is a moment when bricklayers start looking for broken bricks in order to fill the gaps left in the walls of a building. In this regard, no matter what, only somebody can scratch your back.


An Experienced And Talented Young Pilot

BY: Dan Phale*

This is a story of a well trained young man called Daniel, and a stubborn supremacist king. Whereas the latter had never taken heed of advice from other people under his leadership.

Once upon a time there was a great king named Modeshto who ruled the kingdom which was called after the island as the Great Island. Of all the tribes of people on the island his was the greatest, comprising the majority of the populace. Along this line of fact, he treated the minority tribes like underdogs and aliens, such that for many years they were regular victims of social injustice and persecution.

Those belonging to the minority ethnic groups were not allowed to get married to those belonging to the majority elite, let alone to associate with them in any other way… Be it in the worshipping places, hospitals, market places, or when travelling. Well, that was in accordance with the supremacist king’s decree.

However, it was very interesting to observe that those who were in the marginalised minority tribes were much more intelligent, much more knowledgeable, more skilled, and wiser than those who were in the favoured tribes. In fact, if the Great Island kingdom was to be developed to the new heights, it would require the role and/or input of those in the minority ethnic tribes. But the king hardly accepted nor knew this.

A great moment, however, came when a great lesson was due to be learnt by the king and the majority ethnic tribes… There happened to be a sudden climatic changes in the region where the island lied. Sooner or later there would be a catastrophic storm which would likely devastate development structures and claim human lives. This had been forecast by Daniel, a well trained expert in the climate change and meteological field. He was also a talented pilot.

In spite of a couple of warnings given by the young Daniel for the king’s management to evacuate the people before the looming climatic disaster, the king did not heed… But the wise folks say that a stubborn person sails in the clay boat.

When the dreadful hurricane struck the island there was a very great destruction which led to an enormous economic loss. The worst impact was that many people in the so-called elite majority were killed… This fate was immediately followed by a public outrage at the king’s reluctance to take heed of the prior warnings. And among those on the death toll happened to be all the members of the ship crew who might have steered a ship with the survivors on board out of the dangerous weather.

Nevertheless it was not too late. Daniel turned to be the last hope. He steered the largest ship ferrying the survivors to the mainland… Soon after this tragedy, the king changed his hostile attitude towards other people. He came to realise that nobody is/was much better than others because even the high and/or noble people bow before the barber… Surely, only somebody can scratch another person’s back.

Nobody Is More Important Than Others

BY: Dan Phale*

Our life is like a voyage whereas the boat does not know the identity of each of those on board. It does not matter whether somebody is male or female, royal or ordinary, poor or rich; they are all equal. And when that vessel capsizes everybody gets wet and/or drowns alongside others because they are sailing together.

Let us further liken our life to a chicken. It is biologically believed that feathers of a chicken are what give it warmth. In this regard no any single feather can provide such warmth that is required in the chicken’s body.

We have, therefore, to unanimously agree on the fact that each of us has something to contribute for our common good. When we look around we see that in our midst there are people with different abilities and skills. There are motor vehicle drivers and/or mechanics, soldiers and/or police officers, doctors, bricklayers, landlords and tenants, farmers and consumers, religious and community leaders, merchants, producers and users, and many more… But each group is equally in need of services provided by the other.

And as I am in the process of publishing this article, I am quickly reminded of the fact that the old wise folks in my beloved country, Malawi, say that “when the leg does not walk the stomach does not eat, and if the stomach does not eat the leg will not have energy to walk.” By this we are assured that there is a requisite need for a mutual dependence among human beings so that they can ably complement one another with their basic needs in a bid to make life better for all.

However, in a sharp contrast more often than not we do witness very disturbing levels of self regard and lack of solidarity as evidenced through a spirit of pride. Somebody has a false feeling that he or she is more important and/or better than other people. But, as I have always argued, pride only goes the length that one can spit… In true sense, such feelings are very hilarious and retrospective because they only give rise to discrimination in a society. As a matter of fact some people are considered a socially inferior group. And the inferiority complex, vis-à-vis, inhibits the expected human growth and development.

In view of the foregoing, I am prompted to urge all and sundry to realise and adopt the importance of a theory of interdependence which is about mutual reliance among groups of people in a society. In this concept human beings become emotionally, socioeconomically, and morally reliant on, and responsible to, one another. Surely this way only we are destined to achieve a lot in our life.