Justice For Sale…?

BY: Dan Phale*

There is one popular phrase used when and where justice is required, or is sought, or is being administered. “The whole truth and nothing but the truth“, and this confirms the notion that justice is a reflection of true facts. In an illustration, the equation is (facts + honesty) equals justice. Simply put, justice prevails where people are honest. In this article we will have to meticulously look at some of the pertinent issues in relation to a case study in which Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus.

Let us begin by agreeing that without conflicts among human beings there would never be need for laws; nor would there be need for processes of justice administration. Furthermore it is the naked truth that people seem not to be in terms with one another due to greed, hatred, ill will, jealousy, and selfishness. It should also be noted that whenever conflicts arise, somebody is somehow in conflict with the rule of human conduct.

* * * * * * * * *

A Case Study in this context is a biblical story of Judas Iscariot… When the Passover was drawing near, the chief priests and the scribes were looking for a way of silencing Jesus. Why…? They feared that His followers would no longer be submissive to them, having known the truth. Judas Iscariot approached the chief priests, offered to betray Jesus, and was given thirty pieces of silver as payment. But after Jesus had been unjustly and unfairly treated and crucified, Judas Iscariot was filled with remorse. He took the thirty pieces of silver back to the chief priests, saying, “Ive sinned by betraying the innocent blood.” The chief priests rebuffed him, chiefly because what they wanted had been achieved… And flinging down the silver pieces in the sanctuary, he went off and hanged himself.

Jesus – who was given a penalty for a crime which He did not commit – won the case. Three days after the death penalty, he rose again, and ascended into heaven where He is up to now.

Lessons are multifold, but only one shines out as gold. A good conscience is a soft pillow… The one who sleeps well or lives peacefully is the one who has nothing to feel guilty of. He/she has the infallible peace of mind.

* * * * * * * * *

The relationship which exists between those entering into bonds on dubious or unfair or unjust motives barely last long… Surely, justice cannot be sold nor bought. Over and above, such acquisitions that are realised through bribery are but a bunch of curses as somebody suffers in silence. And those who have a tendency of deviating from the truth shall perish.

Most of the times, the systems are neither bad nor good. Suffice to mention herein that the key players in the settlement of disputes are not trustworthy. More often than not, they advance their selfish motives. They get some bribes to deviate from the truth.

However, the world can access justice when people convey true information to the justice administration agents and/or to the tribunals. But there should be adequate resources to be used in the justice administration processes to ensure that conflicts are timely solved, otherwise justice delayed is justice denied. Finally, all the justice administration agents should always be Whiter than white in discharging their duties, because nobody is above the law.


Are They Apostles Or The Magicians…?

BY: Dan Phale*

In this era when there are too many churches, many individuals have come forward claiming to be the servants of God with spiritual titles like apostles, or prophets, or something like that. And really this is a phenomenon of its kind.

Let us, first of all, look at the definition of the term apostle. This word comes from the Greek noun, apostolos, which in English means an ambassador, or the one who is delegated… And in the local church an Apostle Of Jesus Christ was the highest ranking official as appointed by God the Father for the purpose of establishing churches and spreading the truth based on the word of God. Those who qualified for apostleship were those who had the spiritual gift as bestowed upon them by the Holly Spirit either immediately before or immediately after Jesus’s accession into the heaven.

Now for the purpose of this article let it be known that one of the attributes for which an apostle was uniquely known among the people was the spiritual ability to perform some miracles… And this is why I have decided to publish this article so that we assist one another.

May all and sundry be warned that the possibilities are very high that some people are false apostles.

According to the book of Acts 8:9 a man called Simon had for some time been practicing magic in a certain town whereas the Samaritan people had been astounded. By virtue of his magic this man had given out the impression that he was someone with great spiritual powers. As such everybody believed in him; the official and ordinary people alike had declared, “He is the divine powers called Great.” But when Phillip, the Apostle, preached the good news about the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ they knew the truth about Simon.

Similarly, at Paphos, according to the book of Acts 13:6, there was a Jewish magician and false prophet called Bar-Jesus. He was one of the official attendants of the proconsul, Sergius Paulus, who was an extremely intelligent man. The proconsul summoned the two real apostles Barnabas and Saul and asked for the opportunity to hear the word of God, but the magician tried to prevent the proconsul from being converted. However the Holly Spirit who often led the apostles instantly punished the magician… Well, the question is: what would happen if the two apostles were not led by the Holly Spirit? Obviously the proconsul would not have the grace to know the true status of God.

In the same way many people in this generation have the impression that those who perform miracles while preaching at various religious gatherings are apostles… This is a wrong perception. Such individuals who display their supernatural powers may be doing that in a simple quest for popularity. Over and above, there are already evidential facts that some of these people have a record of having made false prophecies.

All in all, we should be careful lest we become ensnared by the devil… Not all who perform miracles are the servants of God.

Longing For Wealth And Worldly Glory

By: Dan Phale*

There was once a man called Chiphaka in the outskirts of a certain city that was best known for people who lacked almost nothing in their lives. Chiphaka was married to a very faithful devoted Christian named Zione.

Since Chiphaka and Zione tied the knot they lived happily. After one year their God blessed them with a baby boy, and they named him Blessings. It was a very happy family; but after a few years their longing for a better life grew so ardent that they often admired other people whom they met in markets whenever they went shopping.

However such a strong desire would have a bearing on their life. One day Chiphaka went to the house of Pastor Spear of their church. Oh, the poor Chiphaka was coaxed by the hypocritical pastor to come away from the monotheistic faith. It only emanated from his request he gave the pastor.

“Pastor, life in our family has been and continues to be okay except for one thing…”

“What is it, my son?” responded Pastor Spear.

“Pastor, the world is partisan as we can see that other people are rich while we lack even a descent dwelling house, let alone a car. I don’t have to even mention it to you that you live in a different world altogether. You are rich, pastor.”

“My son, the Bible says that if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God who gives to all men generously and without reproaching and it will be given him…”

“But my wife and I are true believers of the word of God. We pray daily – I mean what kind of wisdom do we lack, pastor?”

“That’s a very good question, my son,” the pastor said. There comes a moment in life when we need to understand things much better… You remember the story of Abraham in which he was commanded by God to offer his son Isaac as a burnt sacrifice… don’t you? ”

“I remember, pastor.”

Good! At times we need to do likewise!” The pastor paused with an interjection, and allowed some seconds pass in to allow the words sink in the poor Chiphaka’s mind.

Without employing his thoughts well for a moment, Chiphaka decided to take heed of whatever the Spear had said… He had been misled merely by considering the fact that his pastor was famous for having performed quite numerous miracles which nearly knew were possible with satanic powers.

“So-” words failed to come out of Chiphaka’s mouth.

“Get into my car, and let’s drive to the church,” the pastor spoke with a voice of commandment.

Twist Of Events:

Instead of driving to the church was known to Chiphaka as their church, they drove to a certain eye-catching mansion.

Getting into the mansion Chiphaka was highly amazed to see a group of men he had ever known to be rich in the city dressed in red robes and chanting some songs. Without much ado he was converted to polytheism. He was made sacrifice his semen, and so strongly warned against having coital intercourse with his wife and/or any woman any more.

Really a few months later Chiphaka became rich; he acquired a brand new car, and a descent house. Of course his wife, Zione was suspicious because Chiphaka was not working. Nevertheless she was too daft to ask her husband many questions – she needed worldly glory, too; and she had been counselled to always submit to her husband.

Sooner than later the once happy family turned into the hell of problems, characterized by lack of peace of mind. Whenever Zione had a sexual desire, Chiphaka gave all sorts of excuses to avoid her. And this prompted Zione to assume that Chiphaka was seeing another woman outside their matrimonial home. And led to the two break away.

In the long run Chiphaka came to realise that too much longing for worldly possessions was a source of all the lack of peace of mind. Finally he sought God’s divine intervention through other true believers of the word of God… He was delivered.

Today’s Church Members Fight, Seek Court Interventions

By: Dan Phale*

Acts 2: 1 says “When the day of Pentecost came all the believers were gathered in one place.” Those were the days when the church was all united such that the Christians could act with one accord.

Behold, in many churches nowadays religion is based on individualistic motives. And in most of the instances it’s regarded as an insult for me to question the belief of the misguided Christians and/or the clergy who pretend to be even more righteous. No wonder each of the founders of churches strives to show the community that his or her ideas concerning faith and/or truth are the most genuine in spite of the lowliness in terms of the degrees of the so-called truth.

Faith has become an individualistic matter – and not communal – unlike in the past when members of the church were so united that they could not break up merely on trivial discrepancies. Instead of relying upon God members of today’s church lean upon courts. As such courts which are expected to adjudicate real matters are loaded with civil cases involving churches and/or their members. Oh, yes, I mean (members) because today’s church comprises of members and not Christians.

Many Christians have opted for a spiritual autonomy by fabricating stories that their former churches would not see their members getting into God’s kingdom. They move out and open their own new churches. But sooner than later you will see some of the break-away Christians again rebelling.

Go to primary school institutions on weekends you will find clusters of people singing choruses and/or listening to someone preaching in their midst in almost all the class rooms. And the word “prophecy” is so common that it is difficult to know who the true prophet is.

True to knowledge, some of the so-called prophets have on a number of occasions not been trusted because their so-called prophecies have never come to pass. And some have even failed to prophesy the tragedy due to befall their own synagogue.

Well,  I remember about a decade ago I was startled to catch sight of the sign post by the road side saying “The Last Church“. But today there are too many churches with too many prophets with too many wrangles that we cannot differentiate who is a Christian from a multitude of hypocrites among us.