Collection Of Rainwater For Future Use

BY: Dan Phale *

Natural disasters like drought, erratic rains, and floods are commonly known to be results of climate change… With such unreliable rains, the agricultural yields have been getting lower and lower. It is therefore requisite that we double our efforts by mobilising one another to cease depending on rainfall based crop production only. Of course we should be reminded that, according to scientists, climate change has come into existence because we (human beings) were once reckless and/or negligent in our daily activities… Both chemical emissions into the air and environmental degradation are the major operating factors which gradually triggered global warming.

This article focuses on the surest way of averting the challenge of unreliable rains and/or drought. In the recent past the world has experienced increased records of drought or floods. As a matter of fact, on the one hand we admit that rainfall is not very much reliable in this age; and on the other hand we take notice of the fact that relatively huge amounts of water from the atmosphere get lost without being diversely used by mankind. But, I for one, strongly believe that we can change this trend.

In my well considered view, here is one of the simplest ways to contain this challenge of unreliable rains. Let each one of us have a water tank at one’s compound. It should be positioned at a lower height than one’s dwelling building and/or other buildings. Make a network of gutters or drainpipes attached to each side of the roof of the dwelling house and the roof of any such other buildings which should be well connected to the water tank. At the lower point of the water tank we have to put an outlet pipe. During rainfall, water will be carried from the edges of the roofs down to the water tank.

Such water collected in the water tank can be used for domestic purposes or for irrigation of the vegetables in the kitchen gardens. The size of the water tank may vary depending on what you intend to use the water for at the time of scarcity… For a small-scale use, the reservoir may not be as big as that which may be required for a major-scale use of water. Thus, in the event that one needs a bigger reservoir, one should have a sufficiently big tank. Either we can use concrete to construct a tank of desired volume. Alternatively we can buy various plastic tanks which can be connected to each other.

As noted above, this initiative is very effective in various ways as we aim at improving our lives. However a great caution should be exercised when deciding on erecting and/or use of the water tank to prevent all the probable accidents in our locations… Further precautionary measures must be taken to avert the negative impacts of this initiative on the ecosystem… In this regard the relevant technical support from engineers is highly required.

Finally, I hereby wish to humbly plead with those who are rich, and the micro financing institutions to provide the required support to the needy. With this initiative we shall be able to run away from the pinch and pressure that come with erratic rains, floods, and drought. Together we can win this battle, while enhancing the sustainable human growth and development.


The World On The Edge

BY: Dan Phale*

Nobody knows what the dawn will bring, but the dawn does not come twice to awaken a man. In fact those who die due to ignorance are more than those who die with sufficient knowledge and wisdom. Historical facts have a very significant impact on our life. Therefore it is imperative that everybody must know where he or she is coming from, because the past and present will determine our future.

Many years have elapsed since the world came into existence. Lots and lots of things have happened. And from what we have so far perceived through hearing or seeing or reading there are so many enormous changes that have taken place… Ranging from cultural issues to social issues to spiritual issues.

Let me begin by saying that I always cherish the philosophy that a family is the only domestic academy where the children can learn principles of human conduct. In this context I remember pretty well that when I was still young my parents instilled in me and my brothers and my sisters quite a number of virtuous pillars of human life. Decency in dressing, discipline, honesty, love, perseverance, respect for others, tolerance – the list goes on and on… Those were the days when children were NOT at liberty to make their own choices willy nilly without a necessary guidance and active role of their parents. There were rare cases of alcoholism and/or drug abuse among children. If given orders and/or directions we would were not expected to make objections and arguments but to comply. No wonder, in spite of other challenges, the world was inhabited by people who had good manners… As such there was coexistence, peace and tranquility.

But with a passage of many ages down the line we are not in the same world. It is not a hidden secret that there is a very drastic change of life pattern amid mankind… Oh yes…! This is according to a meticulous examination of major issues which uniquely affect us on daily basis.

More often than not we get reports of conflicts and/or fighting. And issues of terrorism have become of regular headlines in news updates. Children are recruited and sent to fight in the battle front… What future will they wait for if their childhood is taken away from them? Day in day out many people are displaced from their homeland to become refugees in the foreign land. And the worst issue is that innocent people are ruthlessly killed. Suffice to mention herein that it is very disturbing to observe that these tragedies emanate from issues of extremism, imperialism, insatiable power ambitions, socioeconomic inequality, and racism or tribalism.

Now as a result of persistent fighting, of course with the use of chemical weapons, we are experiencing gradual climate change. The air is highly polluted such that there are increased rates of disease outbreaks and preventable deaths, thereby making the life span go down. How can there be sufficient and effective healthcare services when everybody is on the run…? Eventually all the socioeconomic activities are negatively affected.

Issues of homosexuality have also become more common in this era than in the ancient times, according to history. Some people in other parts of the world are advocating for the enactment of laws that can help to recognise same sex marriages as a matter of human rights. Very much hilarious, and this is against the order of nature. In fact a marriage was designed by God for sexual pleasure meant for two persons with opposite sexual organs, and of course for procreation purpose… And this is irrebuttable.

Let us now talk of spiritual issues. Many churches are being founded everyday. Arguably there are too many churches nowadays compared to the past. Some of us believe that such an increase in the number of churches is NOT based on the true mission of spreading the word of God; but because the spirit of rebellion is very much common among the so-called christians. Along this line of events there are too many false prophets. And the devil has taken this as a leeway to such alarming levels that some people have created on internet some blogs or websites for advancement of the satanic matters.

Well, let us cross our fingers to save ourselves from collapsing alongside the world. With the help of God we can succeed. United we stand, divided we fall… It is not too late.