Economic Miracle With A Kitchen Garden

BY: Dan Phale*

This is my third time for me to publish a post related to kitchen gardens since I created this blog on WordPress a couple of years ago. I am, actually, publishing this article with all reasons to proudly say that I am a regular kitchen gardener, filled up to the brim of my mind with a keen interest in sharing with everybody what positive things a kitchen garden can bring in our lives.

It appears that there is an imbalance of of life as characterised by insufficient human needs. Actually, most of us have much less earning capacity than the ever rising cost of living. And this makes it a requirement for all of us to have viable and diverse means of sustaining our livelihood at household level, both in the short term and long term. In fact, one of the short term means, in accordance with my mother’s advice, happens to be the creation of a kitchen garden.

Managing The Kitchen Garden is not all that challenging. Let us bear in mind that the soil needs to be regularly boosted, and we can do this by adding composite manure both before and after planting vegetables; or we can plant nitrate fixing plants. If we rare chicken or guinea fowls or ducks on free range basis, we should ponder erecting a woven bamboo fence, or a wire mesh fence, or a twine mesh fence around the garden with an aim of keeping them away from the vegetables.

After planting, it is also very important to ensure there is adequate moisture in the garden. This is achieved through a number of ways, for example, adequate and regular irrigation and mulching. And in terms of irrigation, we have to create basin-like planting stations which allow water to go deeper into the soil so that our vegetables do not wither.

It is further vital for us to randomly plant shrubs around the garden with an aim of providing some shade for the vegetables. The shade provided by the shrubs helps in shielding the vegetables from the scorching sunlight, and the soil doesn’t get dry just anyhow.

Benefits Of A Kitchen Garden are quite numerous. For instance, we are able to get healthy and fresh vegetables which are highly enriched in all the nutritive values within our compound; wasteland around our compound is made useful as well as productive; waste materials like the sweepings and/or the droppings are accessed easily and/or cheaply as in comparison with manufactured fertilizer; there is a reasonable saving of the cost of buying vegetables.

Well, the savings cannot be seen in just overnight. But after a period of time, let us quantify vegetables so far consumed, we surely realise that there is a huge saving in this initiative. At the meantime, for instance, there are mustard leafy vegetables in my kitchen garden which, in view of my estimation, will help me save the sum of K8, 000.00 which is equivalent to the sum of US10 dollars in a period of three months… This means, for the whole year, a substantial amount of money can be saved.

Let us take notice of the fact that we can also plant medicinal herbal crops in our kitchen gardens. Actually, this initiative shall ease the task of moving up and down in the quest for the herbs in times of need because they will be readily available for use… And to some extent, such plants – skillfully intercropped with vegetables – do add some colour to the beautiful scenery of the surrounding of our compound.


Turning Natural Foods Into Medicines – Part 1

BY: Dan Phale*

In the course of presenting these facts I am very much indebted to a number of specialists who work in heal field. Such people include Eluby Mbale who wirks in the capacity of the Health Surveillance Assistant (HSA) under Ntcheu district hospital, and ranked as the Senior Disease Controlling Officer. She and all other medical experts have one idea in common: that the natural food can be used for medical purposes

Such natural medicinal products are reported to be in great demands in most of the developed countries for primary health care because of their efficacy, safety, and lesser side effects. They are good for age-related disorders like osteoporosis, loss of memory, and immune disorders for which no modern medicines are available. The statistcs show that natural medicines are used by about 80% of the world population. However, we can not rush to discuss medical values of a particular food unless we become familiar with some of their macro nutrients.

Let me take cognizance of the fact that most of us have ever heard from health experts that fruits are an important component of a perfectly balanced diet. And banana fruits are some of them. So in this article we take a look at bananas

As a matter of fact bananas are said to be one of the excellent sources of nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, and nitrogen, all of which are like the building stones of a healthy body, because they work to regenerate body tissues. These fruits also provide us with essential vitamins including:

  • Vitamin A which helps in building bones, and soft tissues. It also improves the ability of our eyes.
  • Vitamin B6 which helps in the immune system, promotes brain health, the heart health, among others.
  • Vitamin C which is significant in the healing process. It also helps in development of body tissues and ligaments.
  • Vitamin D which is essential in the sense that it facilitates the absorption of calcium  which in turn strengthens our bones and teeth.

Such are some of the derivatives that give bananas natural medicinal efficacy to cure some of the ailments that we know. It follows, therefore, that we have to look at some of the medicinal merits of these bananas. Scientists claim that bananas are very important in many ways.

Banana fruits can be safely consumed by the people who are suffering from ulcers because they are antacids. As such they neutralize the acidity of the gastric juices in the stomach, thereby alleviating the irritation by coating the lining of the stomach… An advice is thus given in this regard that we have to eat at least three bananas every day to prevent ulcers.

Burns and wounds are also treated by banana fruits. For immediate pain relief beat a ripe banana into a paste and spread it over a burn or wound. And for the best results we have to cover the area with a cloth bandage.

Other more medical benefits of bananas include:

A banana fruit helps in reducing the worm problems the little children. In fact this fruit is the best component of diet for the malnourished children. It is vital in constipation and diarrhoea or dysentery relief, as well treatment of anaemia.

Are you worried about low sexual drive…? Well, a banana fruit forms part of the best food diet which can boost your sexual performance. In fact it is medically believed that the unprocessed foods – such as a banana fruit – help in the improvement of libido.

Drinking the extract from the stem attached to the banana cluster can help to kill tuberculosis bacteria.

For those of you who are regular imbibers, banana fruits are one of the quickest ways by which hangover is cured. Just make a dairy banana cocktail with milk and honey. Thus they calm an upset stomach and help rehydrate the body and replenish electrolytes, glucose, magnesium, and potassium which are depleted during heavy taking of alcoholic drinks.

In view of the information above I earnestly urge all and sundry to have a banana plant in the backyard of the dwelling compounds of ours so that we continuously have banana fruits for our primary health care.