The But-why Method In Countering Poor Duty Standards

BY: Dan Phale*

Most of the times many managers and supervisors in various work institutions tend to groan about poor standards of services discharged by those who are under their command. However they seem to have very little or no time to make an in-depth analysis of everything in a bid to understand why such is the case. It is in this regard that I have decided to publish this article so that we discuss some of the various issues that negatively affect performance of the duty bearers.

First and foremost, we need to come to terms with the fact that there are quite many people who are well educated but are not employed. In a sharp contrast, those who are entrusted with the duty to work in certain fields are not suitably qualified for the job. Rather, they are recruited on the basis of nepotism, or regionalism, or tribalism, and so on and so forth. Usually, such are the people who do not perform their duties to the required best standards.

Let us check around, and we shall find out that even promotions are not done on merits… Not at all. Those with strong extraordinary unprofessional strings attached to their existence in work institutions have an upper hand to be elevated from one position to the next level than those without. The latter group of workers can, thus, work for many years without being considered for promotion let alone some kind of incentives; and, calling a spade a spade, they feel quite disappointed as well discouraged. Just imagine that somebody who has always portrayed a vast professional character and experience is at the receiving end of discriminatory and unfair treatment by his or her superiors.

Abuse of power and corrupt practices are other factors which have negative impact on delivery of services. What has horns cannot be wrapped in a sack… No matter how long it may be hidden, one day the horns shall protrude out, and the secret will be known by everybody. As a matter of fact leaders must lead by good examples; otherwise, eventually almost all junior employees will think that this is the right way to go. The wise old folks in Africa say that “when the chief limps, his subjects also limp.” You know, evil starts like a small seed and after germination it spreads like an oak tree.

In other circumstances, a superior in rank does not want to get views from those under his or her command. Even if he or she doesn’t know what to do, or goes astray in the line of duty, he or she doesn’t want or doesn’t accommodate views from the junior staff. Such are the know-it-all members of management. And this tendency is detrimental to the outcome of the intended objectives and goals.

There is another bad syndrome among some managers. More often than not, their eyes are blind such that they don’t seem to notice the good performance and achievements made by their junior workers. But when a very little mistake is committed, they swiftly produce insulting words or take very harsh administrative actions with little or no regard to the requirement of natural justice… This is very unfair.

Over and above, leadership is another key aspect in management of duties at every institution. How can there be the best quality services under unskilled and unsound leadership? And the issue of payments cannot be overemphasized; whereas little perks that are insufficient to match with the current cost of living are also a potential cause of poor performance of workers.

All in all, such issues as favouritism, abuse of power and corruption, unsound leadership, among other issues, bring about frustration among workers. And frustration is a catalyst for their poor standards in discharging duties. It is high time managers stopped being biased towards the selected group of their subordinates.


The World On The Edge

BY: Dan Phale*

Nobody knows what the dawn will bring, but the dawn does not come twice to awaken a man. In fact those who die due to ignorance are more than those who die with sufficient knowledge and wisdom. Historical facts have a very significant impact on our life. Therefore it is imperative that everybody must know where he or she is coming from, because the past and present will determine our future.

Many years have elapsed since the world came into existence. Lots and lots of things have happened. And from what we have so far perceived through hearing or seeing or reading there are so many enormous changes that have taken place… Ranging from cultural issues to social issues to spiritual issues.

Let me begin by saying that I always cherish the philosophy that a family is the only domestic academy where the children can learn principles of human conduct. In this context I remember pretty well that when I was still young my parents instilled in me and my brothers and my sisters quite a number of virtuous pillars of human life. Decency in dressing, discipline, honesty, love, perseverance, respect for others, tolerance – the list goes on and on… Those were the days when children were NOT at liberty to make their own choices willy nilly without a necessary guidance and active role of their parents. There were rare cases of alcoholism and/or drug abuse among children. If given orders and/or directions we would were not expected to make objections and arguments but to comply. No wonder, in spite of other challenges, the world was inhabited by people who had good manners… As such there was coexistence, peace and tranquility.

But with a passage of many ages down the line we are not in the same world. It is not a hidden secret that there is a very drastic change of life pattern amid mankind… Oh yes…! This is according to a meticulous examination of major issues which uniquely affect us on daily basis.

More often than not we get reports of conflicts and/or fighting. And issues of terrorism have become of regular headlines in news updates. Children are recruited and sent to fight in the battle front… What future will they wait for if their childhood is taken away from them? Day in day out many people are displaced from their homeland to become refugees in the foreign land. And the worst issue is that innocent people are ruthlessly killed. Suffice to mention herein that it is very disturbing to observe that these tragedies emanate from issues of extremism, imperialism, insatiable power ambitions, socioeconomic inequality, and racism or tribalism.

Now as a result of persistent fighting, of course with the use of chemical weapons, we are experiencing gradual climate change. The air is highly polluted such that there are increased rates of disease outbreaks and preventable deaths, thereby making the life span go down. How can there be sufficient and effective healthcare services when everybody is on the run…? Eventually all the socioeconomic activities are negatively affected.

Issues of homosexuality have also become more common in this era than in the ancient times, according to history. Some people in other parts of the world are advocating for the enactment of laws that can help to recognise same sex marriages as a matter of human rights. Very much hilarious, and this is against the order of nature. In fact a marriage was designed by God for sexual pleasure meant for two persons with opposite sexual organs, and of course for procreation purpose… And this is irrebuttable.

Let us now talk of spiritual issues. Many churches are being founded everyday. Arguably there are too many churches nowadays compared to the past. Some of us believe that such an increase in the number of churches is NOT based on the true mission of spreading the word of God; but because the spirit of rebellion is very much common among the so-called christians. Along this line of events there are too many false prophets. And the devil has taken this as a leeway to such alarming levels that some people have created on internet some blogs or websites for advancement of the satanic matters.

Well, let us cross our fingers to save ourselves from collapsing alongside the world. With the help of God we can succeed. United we stand, divided we fall… It is not too late.

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

By: Dan Phale*

From the historical facts that we have so far it is crystal clear that the world favours those who are well-to-do, and as such life is very unbearable to the poor masses. Ranging from issues of distribution of wealth to issues of justice administration… It is, thus, an indisputable fact that a rich person continues amassing more wealth than a poor person does. Likewise it is less common to have a rich person to be found guilty and to be convicted of an offence than a poverty stricken person. The language which is often used is that money talks. But there comes in life a rare moment when the unexpected things happen.

Here is a story involving one known by the name of Collins. Fortune smiled at him such that he is one of the elite in a poor territory. He is a very rich politician and businessman who has been all along regarded as an icon in financial matters, and as influential as a demigod.

Collins has also been well known for property grabbing and plundering public funds either directly or indirectly. At times his name has been associated with questionable missing of people who have ever attempted to stand up against social injustices. In fact he has had a propensity for social crimes. And in all such unjust engagements he has been using his special personal assistant, Bengo. But in the recent past he has found himself in quite a predicament.

His once trusted special personal assistant, Bengo, has taken a bold step to divulge everything which this man has been committing against the less privileged poor populace.

Why should I betray my own people?” Bengo once thought, considering that by aiding his employer in committing atrocities against the innocent was against the expectations of the social ethics of mankind. He also thought it was detrimental to his own integrity… So, one day Bengo wrote a letter to the law enforcement agency in the territory, bringing to the lime light everything Collins has ever done. And following that letter lots of crimes got investigated impartially leading to Collins’s apprehension.

The past two months legal proceedings were instituted in the court of law whereas Collins was left breathless when he realised that Bengo could stand in the witness box to testify against him on the crimes he has been committing. Delivering its final decision on the whole case yesterday the court of law found Collins guilty of several crimes, and sent him to prison.

Having been found guilty as charged, and accordingly convictedthis court of law hereby sentences to go to a prison term of twelve years with hard labour….” The judge announced, adding, “This sentence will serve as deterrence to the wouldbe offenders. Being on political positions should not be construed as a warrant to oppress the led privileged in the society.”

At least Bengo is now, on the one hand, a national hero because he has saved the entire territory from the impact of abuse of power and corrupt practices by misguided leaders like Collins… And on the other hand people have rightly applauded the judge for not being enticed by the bribes that were offered by the mighty political and business icon, Collins.

Surely this is a great lesson to those who abuse their political and/or leadership positions by misleading themselves with a proverb which says that the cow must graze where she is tied. The fact that one has abundant wealth does not mean he or she is supernaturalAs a matter of fact the lion’s power lies in our fear of him… But it is high time that people realized that the law is not like a spider’s web where only little insects get caught.

The Paramount Chief

By: Dan Phale*

Some ages ago in the forest of Wanyeriwa there lived a man called Jumbo. He was a Paramount Chief who ruled over a vast land extending to the entire nearest city which was named after Wanyeriwa forest.

Jumbo was blessed in that he was one of the few elite in the land. He had children among being Ellen who was a lawyer.

His household lacked nothing; however Jumbo never felt satisfied. Surely speaking a body is easily satisfied but not the heart. Suffice to mention herein that this led him to becoming an authoritarian with a spirit of greed and selfishness. He ruled with an iron fist.

In passage of time the Paramount Chief started grabbing land from other people at the expense of inferiority complex whereas the poor were influenced by an hypothesis that the rich man never dances badly as per the proverb.

Well, it happened that one day the Chief bumped into Webster. He threatened to harm him in an unspecified manner if he did not let the land to the chief… Of course Webster was a silent man who was working at Wanyeriwa Central Hospital as a surgeon.

“Why have you decided to grab this land from me?” Webster roared with anger, adding, “I’ll sue you in the court of law.”

This was the first time for Jumbo to be fiercely challenged by an ordinary person regarded as an underdog. Little did he know that even ‘a silent man has lips like a drum…’ In fact Webster knew pretty well that ‘the best way to eat an elephant in your path is to cut him up into little pieces’ so that one does not get injured.

Upon getting home the Paramount Chief told Ellen to get ready for a court battle with Webster.

A few days later Ellen was served with a summons by Webster’s lawyer. And aware of record of Webster’s competency in courts, Ellen it would be an uphill for her and her father to win the win the case… Of course how could the offender expect to win a court battle??

This prompted Ellen warn her father of the tough task ahead of them.

“My daughter, according to a proverb,” said Jumbo “Kings have no friends… I’ll know what to do and how to do it.”

Quickly he drove with his bodyguards to the chamber of Webster’s lawyer.

“Stop pursuing Webster’s legal suit in the court, or face trouble.”


If we borrow a wise saying from our ancestors there is no length without an end.

One day, before the court day, Ellen fell so sick that she collapsed. Instantly she was rushed to Wanyeriwa Central Hospital for medical attention. And more coincidentally than not Dr Webster was on duty.

Ellen had a tumor along the spinal column. But when she was operated upon by Dr Webster, her life was served. And immediately Ellen fell head over heals in love with Webster. They finally got married to each other.

Moral lesson:

In life we are all equal no matter how different our social class may be. We are supposed to enjoy fundamental human rights equally.

Each of us has an important role to play in the society. As such we are required to treat one another alike.