The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

By: Dan Phale*

From the historical facts that we have so far it is crystal clear that the world favours those who are well-to-do, and as such life is very unbearable to the poor masses. Ranging from issues of distribution of wealth to issues of justice administration… It is, thus, an indisputable fact that a rich person continues amassing more wealth than a poor person does. Likewise it is less common to have a rich person to be found guilty and to be convicted of an offence than a poverty stricken person. The language which is often used is that money talks. But there comes in life a rare moment when the unexpected things happen.

Here is a story involving one known by the name of Collins. Fortune smiled at him such that he is one of the elite in a poor territory. He is a very rich politician and businessman who has been all along regarded as an icon in financial matters, and as influential as a demigod.

Collins has also been well known for property grabbing and plundering public funds either directly or indirectly. At times his name has been associated with questionable missing of people who have ever attempted to stand up against social injustices. In fact he has had a propensity for social crimes. And in all such unjust engagements he has been using his special personal assistant, Bengo. But in the recent past he has found himself in quite a predicament.

His once trusted special personal assistant, Bengo, has taken a bold step to divulge everything which this man has been committing against the less privileged poor populace.

Why should I betray my own people?” Bengo once thought, considering that by aiding his employer in committing atrocities against the innocent was against the expectations of the social ethics of mankind. He also thought it was detrimental to his own integrity… So, one day Bengo wrote a letter to the law enforcement agency in the territory, bringing to the lime light everything Collins has ever done. And following that letter lots of crimes got investigated impartially leading to Collins’s apprehension.

The past two months legal proceedings were instituted in the court of law whereas Collins was left breathless when he realised that Bengo could stand in the witness box to testify against him on the crimes he has been committing. Delivering its final decision on the whole case yesterday the court of law found Collins guilty of several crimes, and sent him to prison.

Having been found guilty as charged, and accordingly convictedthis court of law hereby sentences to go to a prison term of twelve years with hard labour….” The judge announced, adding, “This sentence will serve as deterrence to the wouldbe offenders. Being on political positions should not be construed as a warrant to oppress the led privileged in the society.”

At least Bengo is now, on the one hand, a national hero because he has saved the entire territory from the impact of abuse of power and corrupt practices by misguided leaders like Collins… And on the other hand people have rightly applauded the judge for not being enticed by the bribes that were offered by the mighty political and business icon, Collins.

Surely this is a great lesson to those who abuse their political and/or leadership positions by misleading themselves with a proverb which says that the cow must graze where she is tied. The fact that one has abundant wealth does not mean he or she is supernaturalAs a matter of fact the lion’s power lies in our fear of him… But it is high time that people realized that the law is not like a spider’s web where only little insects get caught.


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