Even A Rich Woman Wants To Be Loved

By: Dan Phale*

More often than not we view life differently, and this is normal, because we happen to have distinguished understandings on issues that affect us. However, the concept of the human needs can not – and shall never – be waived at all, because I have the idea that human needs are not variables; they are rather constants. With this line of thinking, regardless of whatever, what I need is what someone needs as well.

Surely there are very rich women in our respective societies. Their bank accounts are stashed with abundant money; and they have very descent houses, well furnished, and with world class furniture. They own and/or drive poshy cars. As such we admire them quite a lot, assuming that their life is complete and satisified. But we don’t know the hidden realities of what their inner life is like.

Just grab an opportunity to go to the dwelling house of any rich woman whom you know in your locality, either by virtue of your official duties or on an account of any communal task. You will be glad to know a better part of her life. The people she lives with are either her relatives – like brothers, sisters, cousins – or house servants. And there is someone who is not – and must be – there. That’s someone to love her, a husband.

In fact, among all the human needs there is what is deemed as an emotional need, and this is love. Any person wants to love and to be loved.

I remember some years ago when I was in Karonga there was a very beautiful lady who lived close to my workplace. Her name was Linda. She was highly educated and was working for a certain private company which paid her very hansomely every month for her services. Thus she was not only able to meet the high cost of living, but she had also the capacity to achieve a lot in life. Without any difficulties she constructed her own mansion, and bought a very expensive car.

One day I bought one of the daily newspapers in our country. And as I flipped through pages I came to a column of The Lonely Hearts where I got perplexed to see what Linda wrote.

My name is Linda and I am employed by a certain private company, and I live at Karonga boma. My contact phone number is 088××××× … I am in dire need of a man to love and marry meand a serious man can send me a text message through the above number, and I will call him back.”

I didn’t believe what I had read… As a matter of fact I had always felt a strong love for her but I was often distracted by mixed feelings of fear and hopelessnes that she would not accept my proposal for not being her match. And three days after reading that message, I mustered courage to advance my proposal to her.

Well, so she is singleI think I should try my luck,” I once said to my lone self.

By the time I talked to her I was a bit late because someone had already advanced his proposal to her, and he was accepted by that rich woman.


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