Against Child Sexual Abuse

By: Dan Phale*

Every generation of mankind has its origin, and we don’t talk about any future generation without having children in our midst. In other words children are the genesis and/or the roots of the next generation. How these children are taken care of today will also highly affect the future of the entire world.

Nowadays it is very sad and very disturbing to note that children are becoming more and more vulnerable to such inhumane conduct perpetrated by some irresponsible old people. Some forms of such practices that are harmful to children are physical exploitation in which little children are engaged to perform duties which in any way do not befit them like cultivating in estates, while others are recruited to fight as soldiers in the battle fields; and sexual attacks, through defilement, and incest. But for purpose of this article let us dwell much at sexual abuse.

More often than not we witness or get informed by the media that a child of a very tender age has been defiled here or there… Furthermore children are even trafficked in order to be forced into pornographic activities. But the question is: what are the objects of sexual intercourse?

In very strict terms there are only two objects of sexual intercourse, and these are bodily satisfaction of the ones that do it, and procreation… Now, going by this irreplaceable notion, what do people get out of sex with little children? Do the grown up men and women get real pleasure by having sex with children? Or, do the children equally enjoy sex? Can mankind regenerate through having sex with minors?

The response to the above questions is surely in the negative… In fact the sexually abused children are exposed to several negative impacts in life; and these are healthy problems like the sexually transmitted infections including HIV related diseases, mental trauma, as well as psychosocial challenges.

However there is always a solution to challenges; and in this case the best way to curb child sexual abuse is to maximize the use of the existing criminal justice system in our societies. Those who are found guilty of any of the sexual assault offences should be severely punished in order to deter the would-be offenders. The other approach, is to increase social preaching against any practice related to sexual assaults. Suffice to mention herein that it is also sinful to sexually attack a child.

Let us unite and boldly rise up against this inhumanity… Let us protect the future generation by ensuring a safe environment for our children… It is now or never.


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