Falling Into One’s Own Snare

By: Dan Phale*

There were twin sisters who lived with their parents in the outskirts of Majiga township. Their names were Lisa and Monalisa. They were identical, and liked being together all times.

Just like all other young ladies in the locality, each of the twins secretely harboured an ambition of getting married to a certain young man called Bernard who was a son of the royal family, handsome, well educated and well mannered. Surely he was the focus of almost all the young unmarried ladies in the locality. No wonder they had to do all they could in a bid to catch his attention.

Bernard’s heart was lastly taken by Lisa. It all started when he was cycling his bicycle along a pathway that passed through the woodland owned by the family of the twin sisters. In the course of cycling he stumbled into a wood stump which was by the pathway. He fell down, getting injured in the process. This happened while the twin sisters were collecting firewood in the same woodland. And, filled with compassion, Lisa helped him rise up again to his feet. She took care of his wounds before escorting him to the nearest hospital for medical attention.

Lisa and Bernard had common traits in them. Not only were they regularly seen cycle together in the streets of the township, but also both were passionate, kind, and loving.

As time went on Lisa and Bernard, with an approval of their parents, agreed to get married. But Monalisa was not happy at all because she too wanted to get married to the same man.

Green with envy, Monalisa hired a certain man to assassinate her own twin sister so that perhaps one day she could hook Bernard into her life.

I want you to kill my sister, and I want a good job, right?” Monalisa advised the assassin before giving him a huge sum of money for the bloody contract.

Well, the assassin had to do what he was paid for. One day, before sunset he waylaid along the woodland pathway, his face masked. He saw the two sisters going home, from the market… But owing to the fact that the twins were identical one could hardly tell who was who. So instead of aiming at Lisa he aimed his offensive weapon at Monalisa.

Monalisa, however only sustained serious injuries… She was rushed to the hospital where her life was saved. And after she was discharged from the hospital she confessed to have planned a mischief against her own twin sister. This prompted the law enforcers in the territory and the public at-large to consider taking the matter before the court of justice but Lisa forgave her sister and the assassin.

Moral Lesson:

It is unsafe to think of snatching good luck from your fellow human being. Otherwise you may end up punishing yourself in the process.

Like a Congolese proverb says to love someone who does not love you is like shaking a tree to make the dew drops fall.

Really no one gets a mouthful of food by picking between another person’s teeth.


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