Cigarette Adverts, Death Promotion

By: Dan Phale*

For all and sundry in the cigarette manufacturing industry, and the advertising businesses, this article may sound as a thorn in their flesh, but I can not do otherwise than venting out my resentments against anything that has to do with tobacco smoking. If not today, then tomorrow or later you will bear with me.

In the first place I should applaud the fact that global health experts discourage people from smoking. An instance is hereby cited of an agreement which was made by some countries several years ago that tobacco production should be minimized. Suffice to mention herein that the framework is very sketchy in concept, because its implementation is practically so meaningless that we have witnessed a proliferation of messages which are aimed at attracting people to smoke cigarettes.

Many times I get confused when my senses of sight and hearing catch cigarette adverts… Look at the following instance…

Our cigarettes are very refreshingThey are manufactured in a very sophisticated processThey have a very admirable aromaIn this millennium don’t smoke any other cigarettes but our cigarettes only.” *…Remember that smoking is hazardous to health.

Is it not funny that there are contradicting lines being disseminated in the same range and to the same audience and/or readers?

Of course to some extent I may not be highly educated, yes. But I am not ignorant of what smoke does to the unprotected organs, eyes for example… In my home village we eat mice, and the simplest or the fastest way of killing them is by smoking them in their habitat holes. Likewise, let us imagine the extent of damage caused to internal human organs and/or membranes that are very delicate.

The most horrible fact… is that the damage caused by tobacco smoke is immediate and there is no any safe cigarette.

Experts say that in tobacco there is nicotine, a poisonous substance which is scientifically believed to be so addictive that people find it too difficult to stop smoking cigarettes. Furthermore it is said that any exposure to tobacco smoke is harmful, whether to smokers or nonsmokers. Whereas the most horrible fact – highly ranked researchers say – is that the damage caused by the tobacco smoke is immediate and there is no any safe cigarette.

The doctors say that serious effects of smoking include lung cancer, acute respiratory maim, blood clotting, nervous disorders, and reproductive disorders…!

And in my well considered view, advertising cigarettes is as good as promoting death of human beings. In simple terms, tobacco contains nicotine; and nicotine plus adverts are equal to death.

Universally there should be strict tobacco smoke free laws in order to forbid farmers from growing tobacco, and to stop companies from manufacturing cigarettes, while encouraging people to immediately quit smoking and deterring the youth from smoking.


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