Victims Of Own Choices

By: Dan Phale*

Almost everyday I get notifications on Facebook that one of my friends is clocking a certain age and that I should show him/her that I care about him/her by wishing him happiness on his/her birthday… But age – I think – is not in itself a sufficient reason for one to be a happy person in life. There are quite a lot of factors that make one happy, the paramount of which is the choice one makes.

Words that are synonymous with age are maturity, development, and progress, among others. And the best way to go is to meticulously look at how choices are made in life. Thus I’m prompted to chat with you on some issues to do with choices.

The opportunity to pick or decide between two or more options is what is termed a choice. It involves making judgment on merits and/or demerits of the available multiple options. Choices are either rewarding or detrimental to us. More often than not we become victims of our own decisions and/or choices.

It is very much important, and it must be a binding moral principle, that in whatever decisions we must be sufficiently prudent.

For instance, an employee decides to go to work at a company later than expected. And the master gets annoyed to the extent of issuing a letter of dismissal. How will he or she cope up with the high cost of living?

People get into casual sexual relationships that finally lead them to getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Instead of working, they go up and down looking for medical attention. Will he or she survive in the midst of escalating problems of drug scarcity in hospitals as coupled with economic challenges?

Someone drives a motor vehicle on a public road under the influence of alcohol, and gets severely injured in a traffic accident whereas his legs are amputated… Will he continue going to drink beers? Will he manage his welfare?

A person goes to break into the neighbour’s house with an intent to steal therein, and he or she is apprehended. Later he or she is taken to court of law where a custodial sentence is ordered against him or her. Will he or she enjoy the freedom of movement?

Demographic studies show that population has gone increasingly high in our land but the land resource remains the same. Where shall we construct new infrastructure for housing or for other economic activities; and/or where shall we locate some land to cultivate crops?

In our different societies there come times when we are periodically expected to choose people to take leadership positions. Contrary to our expectations we are quickly let down in various ways like failing to get social amenities. As such we suffer in the sense that we are unable to get what we want from the leaders.

Certainly the challenges we are facing today are as a result of the fact that some time back we lacked the insight and wisdom when making decisions. While we grow up in age we must also grow up in all other aspects of life in order to avoid becoming victims of our own choices… It is very much important and it must be noted that it is a moral principle that in whatever decisions we must be prudent.


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