Killing The Insect Called ‘Immorality’

By: Dan Phale*

In my view immorality is a term which relates to all sorts of human attitudes, actions, and manners which in some way violate the fundamental norms and standards of living. And for purpose of this article the simplest synonym is wickedness.

Mainly such attitudes, actions, and manners can either be in excesses or deficits of such virtues of humanity as are, or expected to be, in any human being. And what are such forms of wickedness…?

Mostly, such forms of wickedness that are observed in our daily living, as falling under the aforegiven definition, are a gross disregard for common conventions and virtues, and ethical fallout; and these are either from social or spiritual point of view. Usually there are complex issues which intricately contribute towards such bad personality traits that gradually have an impact on our communal status.

Oftentimes a wide range of shortcomings occur in our lives on account of loss of the insight on all important aspects of our existence. For instance, any person is expected to work in order to earn a living, but when we look around we will find out that some of us are so lazy that in turn become criminals who would want to steal; or some are prostitutes, selling bodies in a cheap quest for bread and butter… Secondly, let us conduct a thorough microscopic examination at the behaviour of our religious leaders, and we will find out that hypocrites is what they are, preaching this but doing the contrary… Social servants and/or leaders are not perfect angels, for their way of discharging duties is not coherent with a code of ethics; they put their selfish motives first instead of the common interests of the entire society all because of their greed.

Repercussions of all these bad personality traits are undescribably serious in our society. Here we talk of HIV/Aids pandemic and the related challenges, lawlessness, injustice, insecurity, the increasing number of fake prophets and/or prophetesses, horrible rates of corrupt practices, endless conflicts and/or fighting among ethnic groups, and the terrifying rates of poverty coupled with inequality of distribution of wealth. All these are the impacts of people’s deviating from ethical virtues of humanity.

Let us kill the insect called Immorality before the world is completely ruined.

As a matter of fact, in life there is always a solution to any challenge. Just as an insect – which inhibits agricultural production – is put under control or killed, we can also kill this insect called immorality before the world is completely ruined.

Logically the best approach is to ensure that there is a behavioural change in all sectors of human society… But this is a process which cannot happen overnight.

In other words we have to struggle in order to iron out all sorts of bad personality traits that come into conflict with the fundamental values of humanity across the world.

That way only we will bring a tremendous change in the long term and make the world a better place for us to live.

You, I, and we have a communal duty to act in solidarity in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit… Amen.


One thought on “Killing The Insect Called ‘Immorality’

  1. nice article ,in the case of insects we apply the chemicals. How can we overcome the above stated ‘wickedness’?


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