From The Housekeeper To The Housewife

By: Dan Phale*

At times it is important for one to do an introspection with an aim of getting down to a tap root of the challenges one faces in life… This is a story of two young ladies namely Stella and Naomi whose life reflects their background respectively, whereas the former grew up in a very rich family compared to the latter.

About thirty two years ago Stella was born in a very rich family that lacked almost nothing in life… In other words she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Both her parents were working class who, not only provided their children with the necessities, but also employed the housekeeper to do all the household chores.

Having graduated from the university four years ago, Stella grabbed an opportunity of a white collar job in the capital city, Lilongwe. And sooner than later she got married to a man of a high rank and importance in the city… But just like her parents she has been leading a soft and lazy life. In fact she does not know how to do the cookery, laundry, and the like. As such she could not help employing Naomi as the housekeeper in her house. Of course it is not a strange thing for a woman to employ a housekeeper; however in this case Naomi was given tasks which must not have been expected to be performed by her.

Why should the housekeeper be assigned even to wash the employer’s pants?

“Remember to keep the sitting room and all other rooms tidy, including my bedroom, as well as the surrounding of the compound,” Stella always gave instructions majestically… She could even command her to wash her husband’s clothes including pants; fancy that!

“Yes, madam, I’ll do everything,” Naomi could respond, respectfully kneeling down. What has ever mattered most to her is earning money at the end of a month, and nothing else, for she has ever known pretty well that suffering brings success or perfection in life.

But recently Goodall became completely fed up with Stella’s conduct… Just imagine that whenever Naomi fell sick the whole family had to dine at the hotel as if they were tourists in a foreign country.

“Darling, what is wrong with you? Why have you so suddenly changed that you don’t love me any more?” Stella has been groaning to her caring husband for the past one year, not realizing her own weaknesses… It has never occurred to her common sense that she has a very big problem. Arguably it is as a result of how she was raised by her parents. Indeed a stream cannot rise above its source.

Meanwhile the highly ranked Goodall has realized that it is much better to stay in lifetime union with a well cultured woman from a poor background than with a useless lady who has often been treated as a princess by her parents… The housekeeper has, thus, become the housewife, replacing Stella who has been divorced because she has never been taught by her parents how to cherish a marriage… Surely it is much easier to be in love than to stay in love.


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