Parents’ Critical Role In The World

By: Dan Phale*

In the context of human society a family is a unity of people who form the primary institution for the civilization of mankind. This implies that without a family there are no other forms of human society such as a village, a region, the nation, and even the entire world. In this regard whatever happens at all levels of human civilization it is a reflection of the life of members of each of the families that exist on earth.

Many parts of the world have, from time to time, been subjected to different challenges that include perpetual conflicts or wars, and terrorism. Of course many people, whether individually or in groups, have so far attempted to find solutions to such challenges. Unfortunately their efforts have yielded very little achievements in the short term. But what we need are long term solutions… And how can we be successful in our endeavours in this regard?

As a matter of fact we need to examine how parents play their role in raising a society at any level. In view of the fact that a family is the basic grouping of any society, parents are actually pivotal in how the whole world can succeed to bring to an end conflicts that inhibit civilization and the well being of mankind.

In all the wisdom charity begins at home. And a family is the domestic university where moral values are taught.

For instance when we take a close look at causes of conflicts and/or wars in various countries we find out that some people are greedy and selfish, a reality which blossoms into social injustice as manifested by a spirit of nepotism, favouritism, corruption, racism, tribalism, and segregation. Consequently there is hatred among people which is very much detrimental to growth and development.

Surely the conduct of human beings depend on how they were brought up… Therefore parents have a bigger role to play in a bid to prevent conflicts and fighting among people at various levels… Thus they have to teach their children that no matter sex, economic or social status, or race, or whatsoever, all human beings are born free and are equal in dignity and rights.

Whereas the acknowledgement of the inherent dignity and equal universal rights of all human beings is the pillar that anchors freedom, justice, and peace in the entire world.

It is very amazing for us to be hoping for a better future world when we are having children who are not well raised by their parents.

Please, I beseech you parents to take a leading role in creating a world which will be free of conflicts and terrorism… In fact, parental responsibilities should go beyond providing the essential needs to the children… Remember that a tree is easily straightened when it is still small and tender.


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