In The Name Of Love

By: Dan Phale*

There are about thirty six hours to go before the Valentine’s day which falls on 14th February every year for the commemoration of love world over. At least some people cannot wait to reach to that day. But it is not such kind of celebration which is more significant than love itself.

Historically the Valentine’s day was fixed by the Western Christian Church. Suffice to mention herein that the Eastern Orthodox Church set a different date for such celebrations as July 06th, but it never became as popular as February 14th.

In fact this day originally comes from the day when a lady named Valentina visited a prison in Italy and gave a rose flower to a convicted prisoner. That was a strong gesture of love shown to someone she never knew.

As already alluded to above the day is not by itself as important as love itself. Thus this article seeks to address some of the core issues that make love complete even without this Valentine day.

First and foremost we have to adopt the definition of love as by the Merriam-Webster dictionary which is a noun as a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person…whereas affection means to care about someone. However this definition is observed in the least by those who claim to be in love.

Think of this: a married working class woman believes her husband is the only one to provide the necessities for the family. The most interesting fact is that for the woman, Dorica, to be employed it took her husband’s spirit of real love to send her to the secondary school. Having graduated from the secondary school she went to Lilongwe Teachers Training College. Boxy did this in the name of love. Today she is a qualified teacher. But her husband’s expectations are far from being realized five years down the line.

Today Boxy is struggling alone to keep his family well fed and well clothed… Thank goodness that at his work place he gets a lot of opportunities which at least earn him allowances. Nevertheless such fact of getting lots of opportunities has also proved to be another stimulus of misbehaviour by his spouse as most of the times he spends nights outside for extra duties. Dorica with her insatiable sexual feelings invites various men into the house. And this malpractice puts her spouse at the risk of contracting an HIV which is dreadful to mankind because when he comes back from the field work he enjoys his conjugal rights without any kind of precaution with his wife in the name of love.

Surely nowadays many people are suffering the outcome of infidelity of their respective spouses because they once were bound by the philosophy of love.

Now as the world counts down to the Valentine’s day, it is imperative for all and sundry to meditate on the challenges that affect our life in the name of love… Of course I have bothered you with this piece of story in the name of love.


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