Benefiting From Kitchen Gardens

By: Dan Phale*

It has pleased me to write to you, my brother, today with an intention of sharing with you some facts that relate to our livelihood here in your home land, especially those that have transpired this week.

I believe you are quite fine in your undertakings right there abroad. Except that I wish we could be together as brothers.

I don’t remember having told you that a few months ago I moved into another dwelling house which is situated within a very short distance from my business place… And I hereby do so.

Well, the house is owned by a certain man popularly known as Kambuku. In fact it is a very big compound where at least ten people including I do rent at very exorbitant rates. And this has forced us to learn how to cope up with the increasing cost of living with an ailing economy.

Each of us has resorted to having a kitchen garden where we have some leafy vegetables. This notion has been proved to be such cost effective that we are able to survive on our merger earnings from our income generating activities in this poverty stricken country.

However just a few days ago my neighbour’s wife was scorned by the landlord – Kumbuku – for no apparent reason.

“Woman, where is your husband?” Kambuku roared with anger.

“He has gone selling commodities at the market,” Nambewe answered in a terrified tone. “Is anything the matter, sir?”

“You don’t have to ask me, woman… Why have you decided to grow mpiru here as if it is your actual home? Do you know that I have powers to eject you out of the house right now?”

“I’m so sorry that you don’t seem to realise the essence of a kitchen garden in this era when our economy is unstable…”

“Hey, how dare you address me in that reckless and disrepectful manner?”

“Well, if I’ve wronged you, please forgive me, sir.”

“Okay, I’ve forgiven you, but make sure this must stop forthwith.”

Now it happened that upon driving back home, Kambuku was upset to find that the lunch meal prepared by his wife had no vegetables but his favourite dish was supposed to have vegetables. Immediately he drove to the market to look for some but unfortunately he found none.

Suddenly he came back to his senses that Nambewe was right… So Kambuku drove back to meet Nambewe to register his apology.

“Madam, I’ve come to plead with you to actually forgive me…” Kambuku said politely.

“Why should I forgive you, sir?”

“I now know the benefit of kitchen gardens… In fact I need your help. There are no vegetables at my house, so I need you to sell some to me…”

“No-nooo,” the woman cut him, adding, “I can not sell them to you. I’ll give you free of charge.”


Hopefully you will visit us soon, brother. Wishing you good a health.


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