Matrimonial Wisdom And Manners

By: Dan Phale*

Seven months ago Charles and Pilira led to the altar on a wedding which was graced by their parents, relatives, friends and friends’ friends. It was a very wonderful occasion which sealed their bond as a husband and a wife with an anticipation that they would live together until death of one or both of them.

But the quotation which was used on the wedding day as ‘he who finds a woman finds a good thing‘ has been proved incorrect in the life of Charles. And this is more of a reason for me to take my laptop to publish this so that you and I become agents of behavioural change in our respective societies.

Going by the meanings of names, Charles means ‘manly‘ and you look up in the dictionary the meaning of ‘manly‘ as having or showing qualities that are expected in a man. And specifically in this case Charles is a very caring, loving, faithful and hardworking man.

In a sharp contrast Pilira is unruly and obstinate with little qualities of being called a wife. She does not conform to the matrimonial sanctity; in fact she has never been submissive to her husband.

Three months after the wedding, Pilira showed signs of infidelity which made their matrimonial roots shake to the worst effect that Charles could not help chasing  her from his house without even bringing this to the attention of the marriage advocates and/or parents. He was quickly tired of staying with a Jezebel.

Pilira later on realized her mistake; she could then sleep on an empty stomach… Yes, depth of a well is actually known when it dries. In fact it was too late to be accepted in Charles’ life as he had already married another girl, Eliza.

Diabolical Plans Fail:

Pilira became pregnant for someone and she planned to take this as a leeway to go back to Charles through his mother.

“Mother, I have been chased by Charles for no reason at all while I’m carrying his baby…”

“Aa-aaah, why has he done this to you?” Evarista interjected. “Don’t worry, I’ll handle this. Let’s go together.”

When they got there they found out that Charles had already married another lady without even consulting his elders. Mistakes upon mistakes!

“As you can see, your son has been bewitched by this slut,” Pilira said, the allegation which was strongly denied by Charles.

Of course Evarista could not believe what Charles explained… And they stayed there for some days. And last week Pilira sneaked into the kitchen where she maliciously put some poisonous powder in the food which was to be eaten by Charles and his new wife so that Eliza should miscarry.

Fortunately or unfortunately Pilira took the poisoned dish to the table where she would eat alongside Evarista. So it happened that soon after eating, Pilira fell so sick that she was rushed to the hospital where the gynaecologist announced that the foestus in her womb had been terminated by poison.

Pilira finally confessed not only her immoral behaviour, but also her evil intention to have Eliza miscarry.


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