Clash Of Beliefs And Powers

By: Dan Phale

Kangulete was born and raised in a family that was severely stricken by poverty. His father died when he was only one year old, whereas his mother had to take all the parental responsibilities singlehandedly. And this has had a large bearing on his life as he failed to make it to the university for higher studies.

Having graduated into adulthood he married a young lady called Portia. Unlike all other young ladies of her age in her village Portia has been known to be a very respectful, gentle and adorable. In other words marrying her he made the right perfect decision and/or choice.

One other fact about him is that he is a very industrious man… But as a proverb goes it never rains but pours Kangulete has ever toiled to pull himself and his relatives from the abssy of poverty to no avail. This owes to the adverse weather conditions which have often inhibited agricultural activities.

And day by day his belief in monotheistic doctrine that our-only-one-God-is-our-provider started waning to the effect that Kangulete, the past three years, resorted to joining a secret cult in his home village of Kawere in a quest of riches. In fact he had been misled by his own desire of shifting to a status of being called Mr Somebody

Well his life status changed drastically with the acquisitions like a big modern mansion, a posh car, and many more luxurious properties.

But in a twist of events Kangulete is a man whose life has recently been much more confused and troubled than ever before. The chief priest of the secret cult he recently joined has been issuing orders that if still wants to a popular rich man he has to give a sacrifice by killing his only son.

“Why should I kill my only child, sir?” Kangulete wonders… Undoubtedly he has now realized that he would have avoided this confusion before if his trust in God was strong.

To the best of the Holy Spirit’s blessing Kangulete meets a pastor who helps him resuscitate his faith in God.

You know the gospel according to Matthew 21: 22 if you have faith everything you ask for in prayer you will receive,” the pastor says.

And by the time the chief priest of the secret cult decides to bring death on him for breaching the allegiance he made when he joined Kangulete is wholly delivered and protected. As such the demonic power fails.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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