A Snake In The Grass

By: Dan Phale*

Bob and Dumbo have something in common, and that is their background. They were born in the same year and at the same hospital; went to the same schools from primary school to secondary school and then to the university. And at the university they both pursued agrichemistry studies. In the same way they landed at the same job at at a certain agro-based company.

In the first years Bob and Dumbo were like sons of the same parents, both working as laboratory assistants. Each felt the other was a friend indeed.

Now their probation period was over such that they became permanent workers of that company in that field. Coincidentally there was an announcement of an internal vacant position whereas the most qualified applicant would be sent abroad for advanced studies at the end of which he or she would become the top official in the agrochemicals division.

This is a moment which critically marked the line between Bob and Dumbo. As a matter of fact Bob was more brilliant as reflected by his academic grades, and as per his performance at the company, than Dumbo.

The qualified candidate will, after interviews, undergo a medical examination before going for the training in order to ascertain his health status particularly in respect of his or her respiratory track…

Soon after interviews the Managing Director had to make an oral announcement to the entire staff…

“Well, the management has made you assemble in this boardroom so that you know who has been picked for the training opportunity. Of the only two applicants Bob is the one who has excelled…

The announcement attracted an applause from all the staff members except Dumbo. As a matter of fact Dumbo was not happy at all. Why? He was jealous.

And green with envy, Dumbo bribed the doctors at the government hospital where Bob was to be medically examined. The purpose was induce the doctors to produce a bogus medical report which would see Bob failing to go for the training opportunity.


The bogus medical report reached the Managing Director who did not even bothered himself to confirm the authenticity of the contents.

“Bob, you have been called in my office,” said the MD, adding, “You are hereby informed that your trip has been cancelled owing to the contents of your medical report which reveals that you have a respiratory cancer which is a threat to your own health with respect to the field you are in because you will be susceptible to harmful chemicals…”

But this confused Bob because he had never complained of any slightest respiratory pains; he asked “What is the meaning of this, sir?”

“Anyway, such is your medical report reflecting what have been observed by the doctors…” the MD said.

Surely a lie has speed, while the truth has an endurance.

The expectations of the jealous Dumbo were not met. In fact he thought he would be picked as a replacement but with his qualifications coupled with his performance he was not eligible. And this prompted him to confess that he was behind all that. Finally he was dismissed while Bob’s trip was financed.


One thought on “A Snake In The Grass

  1. Eeeh Jealous, weak minds’ syndrome. What is meant for Phale is for Phale and won’t be redirected to Phiri,this is how the perfect world functions.
    Wow! You can write Mr.DJ,,the story is so educative.

    Liked by 1 person

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