A Slave, Wiser Than A Master

By: Dan Phale*

Adimba’s compound is so vast that it accommodates him and all his five wives and their children. Each of his wives is housed in her own house within the compound with services of house servants.

In fact he has a record of having been one of the few blessed in the land which lies across the fertile arable valley of Liwawadzi river.

Furthermore with the background of the rich legacy he inherited from his dead parents he has been at ease to support his entire compound with provision of all the required essential needs to his polygamous family. In other words Adimba was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Well, with the insatiable feeling of too much pride in his wealth and, of course some pomp, Adimba has bye and large been getting astray to the extent that in the recent ten years he bought slaves from abroad. Not only that, he also employed the family doctor, watchmen, and personal advisors.


But suddenly Adimba has grown wings – he has become a tyranny to his own compound members… And he feels like he is at the tip top of the earth. However the worst of the worst has come into existence…

There were moments when his personal advisors suggested to the great Adimba to stop spending money on impulse. But seldom did he heed to such important advice…

Sir, you have to be so careful cautious that you spend your money much prudently…

Yes, such useful piece of fiscal advice had fallen on the deaf ears of the great Adimba.

Hey – hey – hey – you need not be reminded that your status is that of slaves, and I’m your master…

At the present time the once great Adimba has shrunk to a nosust… His engraved spirit of extravagance has yielded him very serious economic repercussions. He is no longer able to sustain the welfare of his five wives and a team of his children.

If – and only if – he realised how Joseph who was once a slave to the great Pharaoh saved the entire Egyptian nation as well as other races from abroad from a seven-year long acute famine Adimba would not have found himself in the current tough economic situation…

His glory has come to a ruin… He has failed to utilise the land which is rich in alluvial soil to harvest bumper yields unlike his dead parents…

Surely even a slave is much more intelligent and/or wiser than a master.


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