Questing For Basic Human Needs

By: Dan Phale*

The days when I was in secondary school, my teacher said the world suggests that there are three basic human needs as clothes, food, and shelter… But of late I happen to be in dispute with that notion.

As a matter of fact human life is both a social and spiritual being. This implies that one has to put much efforts to quest for real basic human needs; and these are wisdom , love,and salvation.

Wisdom is considered to be the most basic of all that human beings need to acquire. Solomon at Gibeon had a vision in which God asked him to make his desire known to Him; and this is how he answered…

You have shown great and steadfast love to Your servant, David, my father because he walked before You in faithfulness, in righteousness, and in uprightness of heart… Give me Your servant an understanding mind to govern Your people…” For more on this, read 1Kings 3:4…

God was pleased, and as such promised to give Solomon a premium in terms of riches and honour.

This is a clear manifestation of the notion that wisdom is the basic requirement for mankind.

Can we live without wisdom, love and salvation?

The answer is NO…! The bible says that we can not live on food and drink only, and we should not worry to say what shall we put on our bodies? In the gospel according to Luke 13:1-5 we are told by Jesus that unless we repent we shall perish.

Look, some countries are very rich but due to lack of wisdom, people fail to make use of the available resources which are in abundance, and so are very poor.

Other countries are blessed with almost everything – oil deposits, gold, silver, technology, whatever – but people are displaced and/or killed as a result of internal political conflicts which arise from corruption, power hunger, greed and lack of love. Their life is inhibited by hatred and selfishness.

Other nations even consider themselves as  world superpowers; but day in day out they engage in perpetual wars… Is that what they are super for??? Kk-kkk-kkkk

Really some families have very beautiful modern houses, with beautiful clothes… They can afford anything. But without wisdom, love, and salvation, they are restless. A person whose mind is devoid of understanding lacks peace of mind.

Over and above it is said that love is the best satisfying food for the heart.

Let us not be satisfied with our clothes, food, nor houses, whatever. We have to look for wisdom, and salvation… Love your God, and, your friends.


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