Like Mother Like Daughter

By: Dan Phale*

Julia was once a very obedient girl to her parents. She was too quick to obey to what her parents said and/or ordered. In fact she was a family pride. But there came a moment when things had to change… WHY????

Her parents led a cat-and-dog life whereas they had little time to take care of their daughter.

The mother had born that girl in a very unclean manner. Actuall she and her spouse had eloped. But she didn’t know the impact that would have on her and her daughter’s life…either express or implied.

It started when she was in standard six (6) when she fell in love with a certain man…  Did she know that he was a watchman at the dwelling house of the parents of hers?? Yes she knew. Mpira wa mukhonde… Kk-kkk-kkkk

Well, Julia gave birth to her first born. It was a boy, who by now is about thirty years old, but already has done so many atrocities to innocent people… Of course this is not what I want to share with you. It is about a girl child Julia gave birth to after some years, and her name is Linly.

Linly has ever led a very careless life, more so than her mother. At the age of ten she had already began misbehaving. She could be construed as insane; but it was due to something unknown yet.

And when Linly reached puberty, she became more uncontrollable. But whose fault? Her parent, Julia is to blame. She was too loose with her child. Just imagine; a parent whose background is characterized by such immoral behaviour can not attempt in any way to raise her child in a proper way.

At the present time Linly has a baby boy after another one bthatillegitimately… But this is not a big challenge as compared to the fact that she is now HIV positive. Worse is the fact that she did not disclose her status to her spouse. And when he discovered the secret he forced her out of house.
Like mother like daughter: Linly is simply a replica of what her mother used to be. In fact Julia nowadays strives to correct her daughter but it is quite too late.

It is true that a tree is easily straightened when it is still small and tender.

Please, ladies and gentlemen, display a good image of parenthood to your children so that you mould their future… Remember that charity begins at home. Actually, as I have ever said, home is the domestic university where moral values are taught to the siblings. Don’t live to regret.


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