The Price Of Abortion

By: Dan Phale*

A few days after I published an article entitled Ways Of The Charlatan which was preceded by The Sexual Hyena Man something very unusual and worth sharing happened. But I have been temporarily unable to be on my computer because I was preoccupied with the new year celebration. And now that I am free I hereby do so.

Jezebel and Philip have been living happily as a wife and a husband respectively. But five years after they wedded they have found themselves in a situation where merriment is elusive. They have become a laughingstock in their Mphate Village for being childless.

And this has made Jezebel to start pressing on her husband that they should do something in order to overcome the pinch of mockery. She does not seem to realise that she is the cause of what they are going through.

History says that Jezebel was a fancy woman for a number of years of her adolescence. She had multiple casual sexaul relationships with boyfriends, a fact which resulted in her conceiving several times as well. And in an attempt to escape reprimand from elders each time she conceived she found pills to carry out abortion. As a matter of fact she has had terminated at least six pregnancies, gradually causing serious harm to her reproductive tract.

Now, assuming that some people are jealous and a cause of their childlessness in a supernatural way, Jezebel last week convinced her husband that they had to seek a hand of a traditional doctor. And without much insights Philip agreed to the idea. So they went to the compound of one identified as Dr Kankhande.

In the name of the spirits of my ancestors,” Kankhande said, “I will assist you out of this curse…”

He gave them very bitter herbs, and promised that this year they would have a baby, adding “Come tomorrow for some more herbs which at the moment are not available…”

But the clueless Philip pleaded with Kankhande that he be allowed to go to his work place first in the morning.

“There is no problem, sir. You can go to work and your wife can come alone to collect the remaining herbs.

“Oh, thank you very much, doctor.” Philip did not know what the following had in store for them.

The following day Philip’s wife went back to Kankhande’s compound. Upon reaching there Kankhande let her enter into a grass thatched hut before locking the door behind her.

Woman!” said Kankhande in a coarse voice. “Undress yourself and lie down…”

Jezebel in a moment was reluctant to undress, but Kankhande threatened her that she would go mad if she did not obey. And trembling with fear she undressed herself and got raped. And when she was released to go, she narrated everything to her husband.

Thanks to the law enforcers… As of now Kankhande is in the hands of the police pending his appearance before the court of law to answer to the charge of rape.


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