Ways Of The Charlatan

By: Dan Phale*

My friend who stays a reasonably long distance away from the urban has called upon me through a phone with a request that I should assist him in checking in the print media vacancy announcements so that one day he may grab the opportunity to get employed based on his academic credentials.

I, therefore, get the leading two dailies in our country. Flipping through the pages I catch sight of announcements of some vacant posts in some of the companies in spite of the fact that they are not to the effect qualifications held by my friend.

But what steal much of my attention are several adverts one of which goes like this:

Dr Chihuahua announces his arrival back from abroad where he went to upgrade his abilities regarding traditional and herbal healingHe cures all the diseases, and can help you out of whatever problems you have including lack of employment

I burst into a laughter.

“How can one get employed in the absence of relevant qualifications? And what if all the job seekers aspiring for the same vacant post approach the same self touted traditional doctor – will they all be employed to fill the only single position attainable at one institution?”

These are some of the questions that arise from my conscience.

In the same vein I am reminded of other very fascinating news articles:

Four years ago a Malawian fake doctor was apprehended in the United States of America on not less than twenty criminal charges of impersonation, forgery, and uttering false documents.

This year a fake US embassy was raided and shut down in Ghana after issuing visas and passports to the applicants for ten years… In part, the reports indicate that walkin appointments were not accepted… Instead clients were made to meet fraudsters in nearby hotels in Accra.


As a matter of fact we are living in a difficult era. As such we need to be extra alert, lest we fall prey to fraud.

Charlatans are almost everywhere nowadays, and they have quite diverse ways of hoaxing innocent people in order to achieve their goals at the expense of our needs.

The most tricky fact is that they present their pretences in ways that are too smart to be detected.

I wish you all a very peaceful new year which is fast approaching.


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