The Sexual Hyena Man

By: Dan Phale*

For purpose of this post, the word hyena does not refer to the wild animal which you know that eats the carrion of the dead animals – no. Rather it has the meaning of a man hired or engaged in order to deflower a young girl who has had her first menstrual period to initiate her into womanhood; or a man hired or engaged to help a couple have a baby; or a man hired to sexually cleanse a widow from misfortune or sudden death.

In the year just ending Malawians were awakened to one astonishing raw reality in which a man called Eric Aniva came to spotlight as having performed ritual sexual intercourse with one hundred and four (104) girls and women in his life.

Engaged for some payments, this hyena man has had unprotected sexual intercourse with such a number of girls and women for the so called cleansing purposes. And the most distasteful fact is that the hyena man is reportedly said to be HIV positive which he never disclosed to the hiring parties at the moment he was engaged for the so-called cultural sexual cleansing ceremony.

Now, come to imagine the potential risk of transmitting the deadly incurable virus to the one hundred and four girls and women he fornicated with in the name of culture… What a great deadly impact this would have? How about the related challenges that come with the HIV/Aids pandemic?

Thanks to the criminal justice system that the hyena man is serving a penalty for indulging in harmful practices likely to endanger human life. But that is sufficient!

Need For Support:

Admittedly we have to clap hands in praising some people of good will and other non governmental organisations for complementing the national leadership’s efforts to uproot this harmful practice in the country. Otherwise our land would become a desolate one day.

However, based on the fact that the girls did not wilfully consent to such harmful cultural practice, it is a naked truth that they may be faced with a psychological trauma following the spreading of the news in the media, more so owing to the risk of contracting HIV in the light of unprotected sex as confessed by the hyena man himself.

Suffice to mention here and now that there may be many more females who have had fallen prey to such a deadly cultural custom. All these require support of some kind.

I thus hereby beseech you that after reading this article, please, you have to do something in a bid to boost their self esteem, psychologically, materially, spiritually, financially, and of course educationally.


4 thoughts on “The Sexual Hyena Man

  1. Dan, this is a beautiful piece, well articulated and I would love if it could be published in the print media. Print media have a wide number of people who can easily follow it and draw conclusions from it. Mostly it can help change some government policies if well presented.

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