Learn To Appreciate!

By: Dan Phale*

One young academically brilliant person had just graduated, and so went to town in order to seek a managerial position in a big manufacturing company. He had passed the first written interview, but the director, in spite of having observed from his curriculum vitae the applicant’s academic flying grades from secondary school to postgraduate studies and research, had to do the last interview. And this had to be oral.

The director asked, “Was it your father who paid for your school fees?”

“No, not my father… My mother rather is the one who has been paying for my school fees. In fact my father was killed in a road accident when I was only nine months old, according to my mother. I have been raised by mother alone.”

“Oh, I am sorry you lost your father at that tender age. Now what was the source of income for your mother to manage to provide for your needs singlehandedly in this world of financial hardships?”

“Really this world is full of financial constraints, however my mother has been a quarrier whereby she has been able to sell the best quarry which in turn earned her great amounts of money.” Actually the young man looked proud of having a mother who could work as a man.

At this point the director could not help marvelling, and he requested the young man to show his hands. He saw that his hands were too smooth to suggest his involvement in that kind of strenuous work.

“Have you ever assisted your mother get some quarry for sale?” the director proceeded, very curious. How could the young man‘s hands look such smooth when he only had a single parent?

“Aa-aaa-ah, no, I have never assisted her in quarrying, because my mother often emphasized that I had to freely read text books in order to perform well in class. Additionally, she knows her carrier too well. In fact she is the best quarrier in our area.”

“Well, then I ask you to go back today, and allocate a short moment to clean your mother’s hands, and let us meet again tomorrow in the morning hours.”

Lucky went home a very optimistic person. Upon getting home he requested his mother to let him clean her hands at once. Of course his mother had mixed feelings ranging from perplexity to happiness. She let him to clean her hands. But as he slowly cleaned his mother’s hands, Lucky’s eyes got filled with tears, for he then noticed that the hands were wrinkled and they had painful bruises. In fact she quivered at his touch when he cleaned the bruised hands.

It then became crystal clear in Lucky’s mind that his mother got her hands bruised as she struggled to earn money for their upkeep, and of course for his school fees and other learning materials. In other words his academic excellence had roots in those bruised hands. This prompted him to help his mother with the last quarry production and sales.

On the following day in the morning Lucky walked back to the director’s office where he narrated his new perception on what his mother had gone through.

“I have learnt that we have to appreciate what others to for us. Really without my mother I would not have been a graduate. Secondly I have realised how difficult and tough it is for other kind tasks to be done. And lastly I have learnt that it is good to value team work.”

Finally the director assured the young man that he had been taken for the post of the Manager. He further cautioned him that he would want him to appreciate what his junior ranks would do for the success of the company.

Surely one has to understand the difficulties encountered by others that bring about the comfort we enjoy today.


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