Whirlwind In The Palace

By: Dan Phale*

Several decades ago there was a kingdom which lied in a very highly cultured rural setup. A king was, unless otherwise, to be succeeded by his son upon death; and he was assisted by the council composed of the elderly people whose deliberations formed a very important part in decision making.

Grecian was married to a very well mannered woman. And both were known for being a good King and Queen respectively with referrence to being amiable, considerate and generous couple. By virtue of these attributes almost everyone loved them. Certainly good leaders are accepted and/or loved based on the common interest of the people they serve.

In spite of all such merry moments the people had with their King, there was one problem of immeasurable magnitude. The Queen was barren, so could not give birth to the King’s or kingdom’s heir. To this effect the council met the King one day to discuss a way forward.

“Your Highness,” began the council leader “it is too obvious that everyone likes you in this kingdom because of your good leadership. In fact, history says you are the best King the land has had.”

“Thank you very much for your complement,” the King smiled approvingly.

“But we, in the council, appear before you at this hour in order to discuss something with you,” another elder added. “Your Magesty, you are quite aware of the fact that this land has bylaws which regulate succession of the throne. The King’s son is the heir for the throne, and on reasonable grounds the King’s brother may become the one. However the latter is always a source of big problems among the people. Unfortunately five years down the line you don’t have a son…”

Finally the council unanimously settled on the idea that one of the palace maids be taken to be the King’s second wife. In this regard Madalo, the most beautiful of all maids became the King’s second wife. After a little while she conceived… She gave birth to a baby boy.

Jealousy At Its Level:

“Should I let this happen in my face?” Misozi groaned to her lone self, wrestling with a storm of egocentrism in her bossom. “Otherwise it is an insult not only to me but even to our tradition because I am older than she is… I’m entitled to get married first…”
Misozi found a way. She hired a ruffian to help bring confusion in the King’s mind. She gave him Madalo’s contact phone number. This was at a time when there was all the stability and peace in the palace.

It happened that the King was comfortably chatting with Madalo in their bedroom, a baby boy in their presence. The heir’s mother received a phone call.

Hallo, this is Madalo answering.”

I want my son,” the caller said with a course voice without revealing his identity.

Which son are you talking about? Andwho are you? Where are you calling from?” The heir’s mother got visibly upset.

“What is going on?” Gracian asked, curious. Madalo, gripped with ardent shock, was unable to respond to the King’s question except to say that she would handle it. And a call – another call –  several calls came. All Madalo could do was to cut the line. Little did she know that it would seem as though the claim on phone was true.

In the same breath Misozi abruptly got into the room. She said,”Madalo, I’m told the baby’s father is calling you but you are cutting the line… Why?”

Such insinuations were sufficient enough to add pepper on the wound. She continued to allege that Madalo’s exlover was the father of the baby.

The King was too confused to control himself. He gave an order that Madalo be evicted from the palace. His mind then settled for Misozi as the truthful woman he could trust. Oh,  what a poor unwise decision kings can make at times! He ought to have instituted inquiries and/or investigation through his council as to the truth of the claims on the ground.

Soon after taking Misozi as his second wife, another fate followed the King. Misozi became pregnant but miscarried before long. And in a bid to hide this from the king she coaxed a bodyguard to make love with her so that she could conceive again. Alas! The two were caught in the process of committing adultery but the bodyguard managed to run away. 

On conviction by the council the selfish Misozi was allowed to mitigate.

She said, “I hereby confess to you elders that I fabricated the story that Madalo’s baby was fathered by her exlover. And when I was taken as the King’s second wife I conceived but I miscarried; and I didn’t want this to be known by the king because I feared He would deem me unclean. So, I persuaded the bodyguard to make love with me with an aim of conceiving again.

Finally the jealousy Misozi was ordered to be hung to death as per the kingdom’s bylaws.


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