Today’s Church Members Fight, Seek Court Interventions

By: Dan Phale*

Acts 2: 1 says “When the day of Pentecost came all the believers were gathered in one place.” Those were the days when the church was all united such that the Christians could act with one accord.

Behold, in many churches nowadays religion is based on individualistic motives. And in most of the instances it’s regarded as an insult for me to question the belief of the misguided Christians and/or the clergy who pretend to be even more righteous. No wonder each of the founders of churches strives to show the community that his or her ideas concerning faith and/or truth are the most genuine in spite of the lowliness in terms of the degrees of the so-called truth.

Faith has become an individualistic matter – and not communal – unlike in the past when members of the church were so united that they could not break up merely on trivial discrepancies. Instead of relying upon God members of today’s church lean upon courts. As such courts which are expected to adjudicate real matters are loaded with civil cases involving churches and/or their members. Oh, yes, I mean (members) because today’s church comprises of members and not Christians.

Many Christians have opted for a spiritual autonomy by fabricating stories that their former churches would not see their members getting into God’s kingdom. They move out and open their own new churches. But sooner than later you will see some of the break-away Christians again rebelling.

Go to primary school institutions on weekends you will find clusters of people singing choruses and/or listening to someone preaching in their midst in almost all the class rooms. And the word “prophecy” is so common that it is difficult to know who the true prophet is.

True to knowledge, some of the so-called prophets have on a number of occasions not been trusted because their so-called prophecies have never come to pass. And some have even failed to prophesy the tragedy due to befall their own synagogue.

Well,  I remember about a decade ago I was startled to catch sight of the sign post by the road side saying “The Last Church“. But today there are too many churches with too many prophets with too many wrangles that we cannot differentiate who is a Christian from a multitude of hypocrites among us.


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